Colonial America- PT 1- Overview

In class we are doing a project on Colonial America.  We were separated into groups of 7 or 8. We all make up a name and a job. My job is the governor and my name is Bella Watsen.  We also get to make up back round stories. There are three colonies, the middle colonies, Southern and New England. I am in the Middle colonies.  We names out colony New Foursten. We made charters of all the rules in the colony.  Our colony is a fair colony and we do not approve of slaves.   In the middle colonies there are New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. In my group we have a governor, governors apprentice, doctor, trader, blacksmith, farmer, cartographer, and solder and a kid.  In my group we have freedom of speech we allow all genders. Our teacher is not helping us with this so it a bi hard. I’m really exited to be the governor because I like people to look up to me and trust me like a real governor. My teacher said that she is going to throw problems at us so I need to prepare for that. My apprentice is 14 years old and my daughter. I also have a dog named Lilly. She is a golden retriever.

Colonial America- PT 2- Backstory

My mother Emily Wattsen died three months after I was born. I lived with my father and h was the governor of a small growing colony just like this one named  West Nation. My father dies to years ago when I was 18 so then II decided that I also wanted to be the Governor of a colony to take after my father so I studied hard and well, now I’m the proud governor of New Foursten! My character has many traits. Sirius, kind, open, and friendly. I don’t want people goofing around, I want this to be the colony that stands out. I think that we should go by the Four strikes policy. If someone does 4 things wrong they will get a punishment  because we are New FOURsten. If someone does something wrong they will get a strike. I need to ask if the other members of the colony agree with this. I joined the middle colonies because they have all seasons and a lot of crops. During my down time I like to explore! I always hike into the forest. I also like to help with the animals on the farm.

CU- france

To start this we had to pick our our country and partner that we  wanted to work with. After that we hit the books! We had several books to do our research with. Then in all of the five cultural  universe we put our info in the one that fit in our packet. When we finished that packet we started making our tour guides. When that was finished we started making the ACTUAL comic books.The five cultural universals are politics, social aspects, economics, beliefs, and cultural arts. The title of my book is called favorite part of the project was making out characters because we could get as creative as we liked. I found a few things challenging. One is that when you insert a picture you have to make sure that it is exactly what you are talking about and describing. Like when we THOUGHT that we added in a picture of the louvre it turned out to be the white house! Also we had to make text boxes, and what was challenging about that is that they had to be the same size and they had to be in  the same spot. The last thing is the animations. We had to make a boat and then we had to make it come or fly in some how. It had to be in a spastic   way depending on what side your boat was facing. Also we had to know that difference between slide into the left and fly into the left. But finally we figured it out. I hope you enjoy my book!


CU- Scarsdale



There are a lot of cultural universals. Let’s start with Politics. My parents set the rules in my house. Thay set rules to make everything fair and to make everyone healthy. One rule is no computer an hour before bedtime. They set this rule so we pay attention in school the next day. Plus looking at screens all day isn’t good for your brain. These are the politics.


I go to school at Heathcote. School is seven hours a  day. For the whole week it is 35 hours. My favorite subject is writing. One the weekend I go to church. I also play softball and basketball. We use my kitchen the most in my house. It is very blue. We use the kitchen the most because that’s where my mom and dad cook. I live with my parents and two sisters. To celebrate birthday parties we go out. I like to play the game prodigy, it i sa math game.




We have some beliefs too. We celebrate Christmas. We celebrate eid in December.  We celebrate it to celebrate Jesus birthday.When I’m older I want to be a vet, because I want to be close to animals and make them feet better. I also celebrate  Easter. I celebrate it in March. I celebrate it because it’s the day Jesus rose from the dead. Every year we celebrate christmas eve at my house. My family believes in educations. I stamp costs 50 cents. A gallon of milk costs 5 dollars. I travel on car, plane, train, and boat. I plotted the church on my map to represent this.



These are my cultural arts, my favorite movie is pants on fire because its so funny, my favorite food is popcorn because it has a great flavor and it’s so chewy to me, my favorite color is blue, and I play the piano, I have been playing for three years now. I have one pet. It is a frog. I like to listen to music by Ed Sheeran because it’s calming. Those are reasons why I put these reasons on social aspects.




They are a lot of Economics in Scarsdale. For example there are goods, store, services and many more Economics. One is “ Balducci’s Food lover’s”   Also in sevases there are schools like, fox Meadow, Green Akers, and Egwood. These belong in economics. That is why I put them on my map. Also, Lord And taylor sells goods. That  is why I put it on my map. Also the highway is in Economics to because, that’s how we transition.




That is all the reasons why I plotted all those things. I hope you enjoyed learning about scarsdale and looking at my map.