Capstone Blog Post #1

My topic for capstone is guide dogs. My main inquiry question is how to have the breeds and training of guide dogs changed over time. I knew I wanted to do something with dogs but I didn’t know what to do. Then we got my dog from guiding eyes for the blind. My family said that I should do guide dogs. At first, I didn’t really like the idea. But then I thought about it and thought about it and I came to like the idea. I also wanted to do something with art. It was a hard decision but I picked guide dogs instead. I guess guide dog equipment relates to art because the person that designed the handle and leashes used art. It helped when I zoomed with my teacher becuase I did not know what my inquiry question was going to be. I learned from my capstone that I can come up with ideas that interest me. If you don’t understand whenever I want to draw something I always search for inspiration I never draw what comes to mind. Also if I want to watch a movie I search for new kids’ movies. The process was hard and easy. I knew a couple of my sub-questions like how the breeds changes over time and what equipment is used today but other questions were hard to come up with. I wanted to do a sub-question with the training but I did not know what to do. I decided to talk about training technics.   yo or capstone, I did not have to research to come up with a topic. I think it is going to be hard to finish my project but fun. 

A Long Walk to Water

A Long Walk to Water Reflexion


Long Walk to Water was a great book! In the book A Long Walk to water, the greatest impact was when Salva reunited with his father. This surprised me because it had been so long since they saw each other and there were so many negative sighs that his family was dead. Salva kept on going and I think that that led on to a theme.


I think the theme in A Long Walk to Water is to never give up. If Salva gave up he would have never reunited with his father. Also if Salva hadn’t followed his uncle’s words he wouldn’t have made all those wells for Sudan. Salva didn’t give up on his dream for Sudan and has persistence. Nya had a lot of patience and kept her cool. Another theme could be to stay calm because both Nya and Salva did that. Nya was patient for the well to be done and Salva kept on going to a refugee camp to a refugee camp and had patience when he was looking for his father.


When the water came out of the well it symbolized a new future for Sudan.  No one had to struggle for water anymore. Also, places like the river and the dessert symbolized the obstacles in Salvas way. He never let them stop him though.

Long Lunch Lines

Image yourself standing on a line that takes up half the cafeteria. People pushing and shouting and trying to get in front of you. You can’t help that you already taste the pizza that is a huge line away. …… this is something that the students of Heathcote Elementry have to deal with every day.


Acording to Mia Forray a fifth grader ” It definitly takes to long to get lunch it takes a quarter of our whole period!”  Mia isnt the only student that feels this way though. Acording to Greta Friedman a fifth grader ” The people that work at the seprate lines should work together to make everything go faster becuase one line finishes way before the lunch line.”

Rocketry Blog post #2

We launched our rockets that we made from scratch. I was surprised on how high our rocket went. We all worked together and we communicated well. We even made a team cheer. In this project I learned how to work as a team. You need to be open to others ideas and you need to work together, and you need to be part of the group. Meaning that you need to help out instead of talking to your friend in another group.  Building and launching your rockets is a team effort, and I learned that today. 


When it was my groups turn to launch we took pictures first. We all put our hand on the rocket, like a team. The the rocket placer, who was rachel placed it on the rocket. We used a thin rocket placer because the body was thin. Winston and tony were the pumpers. They pumped air into a tube that was connected to the pipe that help our rocket. The air pressure had to be at fifty. I was the countdown mast and the rocket retriever. I chose to be the rocket retriever because I wanted to get an up close look at where the rocket landed and how it landed. 


“ Are you ready?” I asked my group. They all nodded. I began the countdown. “ Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!” The rocket popped off the pipe and burst into the air.  It went so high it was almost out of sight. It slowly fell down where it was in sight again. It hit the ground and I ran as fast as I could to where it landed. The nose cone was buried into the ground. I pulled it out and it was all muddy. I looked behind me and so many other people wanted to see where it landed. 


Wow! Our rocket went so high. Next time we launch our rocket my group will make two fins instead of three, Maybe that will make the rocket lighter, so it will go even higher.  It was really fun counting down to one and watching the rocket launch. In this unit so far I learned teamwork. 



Rocketry Blog post #1

Building a rocket is a process that starts from brainstorming, to launch. My group is the Flying Saucers.  When I first heard we were doing a rocketry unit I was really excited, but I didn’t know it would involve so much research and consideration. I thought that it would be easy and quick. I also thought that we would admittedly agree on ideas and NOT argue on ideas but I was wrong.  Building a rocket isn’t something you do on a rainy day, it’s something that you commit and work on a little bit at a time. 


First we had to do a lot of research.. We had information from Newton’s 3 laws, NASA, Brainpop, and so many more resources.  We created a google doc where we stored all of that information. Everyone in my group had their own section where they put their own thoughts. We also had a materials section where we put a list of materials that we thought we could use. We put on plastic, tape, paper, and more. We search for images that we could use like diagrams of parts of a rocket. We also got pictures of actual rockets launching. We decided on the name the Flying saucers at that time. We printed out all of our research and it was time to start designing our rocket!


When we designed our rocket it was a bit challenging. We were all fighting over EVERYTHING, like the fins. We decided to have a thin body a pointed nose cone and three fins. Three fins so everything was balanced, a pointed nose cone to the gravity wouldn’t go against it, it would go around it and a thin body so there was more friction. We kept on working on the design and then finally we were ready to start building it. 


First we got a PVC pipe to help mold our rocket. WE rolled the paper around it and taped it so it looked like a long tube. For the nose cone it was kind of complicated but I think we did a good job on it.  For the fins we cut it out of cardboard. It was so hard because it was so thick. Then we glue them on. We used hot glue because it dry quicker. 


Overall I think my group did a good job.At the beginning we argued a little bit on small things but in the end we made a great roceet.  I enjoyed working with the people that I don’t usually work with. I think that I learned a lot from the iss experience, for example sometimes you have to agree with an idea that you may not like.  I can’t wait until we launch our rocket this is only the first part!


Mrs. Rago

My teacher Mrs. Rago has been sick for a week

The whole class missed he being funny and sweet

We hope she comes back before the break

She sprinkles us like joy when she left the sprinkler went away

Our hearts were  broken we know hers was to

They will be fixed when she comes back to school

She is the cherry on our ice cream, the laces on out shoes

The best teacher I ever had the funnest one to!

Plant Blog post #3



This is reflection number three on our plants. Lately we have been pollinating. Pollinating is where we act like insects and pollinate the plants by getting polon on the pistol and put it on another plant pistil. After we polonated we noticed that our pistils are getting fatter. When there fat enough we will grow seeds in them and it will become a seed pod. We are getting some seed pods from pollination. They don’t all grow the actual seeds yet but soon they will.


I Have two quotes. A quote is what our plant is held in. One of them is controlled the other is manipulated. In our controlled our plants are green. Our highest plant measures 11 cm. Our shortest is 3 cm. It became three because it did then we cut it and hoped it would grow. In our manipulated our plants are doing really well.Our highest is 14 cm. Oir smallest is 6 cm. Most of our plants are green. We are growing some seed pods to. We Also have some flowers..


I think that we are going to be growing seed pods in every sell. I think that after this week that our plants will grow even taller.  Maybe they will grow to 30 cm! Probably not but that IS possible. These plants never stop growing because when the seeds fall out of seed pod new plants start growing. I’m so excited to see what our plants will turn out at the end.Well I’ll find out soon!


My plants

Reflection On Persuasive Writing Experience

My persuasive essay was about how littering is bad for the Earth. I learned that it takes more than just finding a problem and writing about it to make a persuasive essay. It takes a lot of writing lessons to make your essay the best that it can be. You have to convince your audience, you have to talk to your audience, and you have to feel really strong about what you are writing about. I also used transition words like, for example, as a result, and I believe.If you want to write a persuasive essay you can’t be wishy washy. Things that wishy washy people say is… “Maybe we should start doing this. And… I think this is a good idea. The most effective thing I did to persuade my audience was talk to them and ask them questions and saying stuff like..   I know what you are thinking but don’t worry.


After watching my video I was proud and a little disappointed because I could have looked up more and pointed to myself when I said: “I believe” and “we should” stop doing this and start doing that. I think I persuaded my audience because I used powerful words. For example,  I used phrases such as “I know what you are thinking” and “How would you feel?”I also followed directions. I listened to  directions  and I followed all the charts and tools we had.  I did my best and made my persuasive essay the best it could be. What I could’ve done differently was look up more and add pictures to my board when I got recorded so the audience could understand how I was feeling. I could have named my essay, “We Need To Do Something About Littering.” Thank you for reading this reflection of my persuasive essay. I appreciate your time.