Post #7 MORE e learning

Today is Friday and it is the weekend soon which is why I am happy, But I am also very unhappy because we are having school instead spring break :c. Today it is catchup Friday where you just make sure you did everything. Yesterday I learned about metal foam and it is a metal that can change shapes. It is really cool and it could turn form a sphere to a cube.

Post #6 E learning

E learning is being continued and we are learning about metals. I learned that metals conduct electricity very well, I also learned that you can make something called metal foam, and you can make steel out of trash! It was very interesting echas what you do is melt down plastic to a puck filled with carbon, then melt it again but with a piece of iron on top then it gradually turns to steel.

Post #5 Atoms

Because of the corona virus, we have to stay home, the e learning we are doing for technology is atoms. So far i learned that atoms are super small, and they are made of 3 parts. Electrons, neutrons, and protons. The electrons surround the protons and neutrons. The middle is called the nucleus. The protons have a positive charge, the neutrons have a neutral charge,  and electrons have a negative charge. If you keep adding neutrons, the only thing that would change is the mass. If you add protons, the atom would change. I learned that there are like 118 elements on the periodic table. A the number on them is the number of protons.

Post #4 Soldering

On Monday we started a soldering project. We have learned so far how to make he outline of our projects. We started by making a circle and another circle on top so we can put a thread through. I am planning on putting a weapon inside mine, like a spear, a bow, or a sword. I think it will look cool. We also made a planning sheet before where w put drawings of what we wanted to create, we had to make 15. Below is the piece I made.

Post #3 Automata box and cams

Yesterday My cams got printed! Cams are the wheels that go inside the box so that your creation on top will function. We also made boxes out of card board he gave use the pieces but we got to hot glue it together! My plan is to make a dinosaur on top and make it look running and make it chomp at the same time.


Post #2 Automatas

We are making autómatas in class this week, SO far i have made the sketch for my wheels. An automata is a contraption inside a box that performs something on the top of it. For example I am making a dinosaur look like its walking and biting. But you can make other things like something coming out of a box, something spin, etc. We can also use the laser cutter so we can make our wheels super precise. I hope my automata turns out well and it looks good!

Post #1 Breakout

Yesterday in Mr.Calverts class we did a breakout. A breakout is a game you can play where you have to find clues to find the combination to unlock certain locks to win. We did a breakout on safety, we had find clues on some pieces of paper.  With things about safety, the pages were like posters, a story about someone who has to follow rules, and more. Mr Calvert split the class into 2 groups. My group broke out in the first 10 minutes, but the other group took longer. The poster below was on of the clues, A list of them rules in the classroom.

Capstone Post (Final Product) #6

I am now done with my presentation and my script. We first needed to finish our script to do our presentation, to know if you were done you would write your name the whiteboard, then Mrs.Robert would call you up to revise your script and change it. Mrs.Robert mostly just checked my grammar and punctuation but sometimes she would add more slides and split up my past slides. Now I feel like my script is more organized.

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Capstone Post (Answering my Main Inquiry Question) #5

We answered our main inquiry question, how? well we first answered all our sub questions, then we used the answers to make our answer. So our  answers are a combination of all our 5 sub-questions

My answer summarized is,  First I said we need to know what life is, then what life is made of then what how we look for what is needed, then if we found what is needed, and finally what would happen if we found ET? I made my answer like this because I listed my sub-questions in order. So the summary I listed are my sub-questions. Because that is what my answer is about. Then I color coded my answer so for example, green is my sub-question What is life, then blue is my question, what is needed for life. So this is how I answered my main inquiry question and what my answer is about.

Mixtures and Solutions #2 (Messy Science)

Today on 6/3/19 we did mixtures and solutions messy science with Mrs. Boyer. Today we combined vinegar, oil, and water with green colored sugar. We learned the definition of solvent and a solvent is a liquid that a solid would dissolve into. The solid we dissolved into it, or the solute was colored sugar. We had to write a hypothesis for each experiment and for what would happen if the sugar was dropped into the liquids. My group only completed 2 of the 3 liquids, We did vinegar and oil. For the vinegar (which we did first) we thought the sugar would dissolve into the vinegar because of it’s acidity. After we tested it out, we were right! after a little stirring the green sugar was completely dissolved into the vinegar. This is called a solution because they dissolved into each other so the vinegar turned green and you can no longer see all the components we used. The vinegar was a solvent. Now we did oil, we thought the sugar would not dissolve into it because first, it had no acidity in it, and because sugar dissolves things like salt and sugar, but oil does not mix with water. Once again, we were right! We made a mixture, not a solution because in a mixture you would be able to see the ingredients we used in it. The oil did turn green but i think that because the sugar and the green colloring weren’t fully combined so the oil just stole the color out of it. This means that the oil is not a solvent or a solute. From this messy science Ilearned lots of things like solvents and solutes and more! I loved this project we did.

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