Making Podcasts in 5-R

We are making podcasts in our class. Our name is 3… 2…. 1… Learn Up! Me and my partner Santi are now on our 4th podcast. Making podcasts have been really fun because we could do on almost anything events going on at school. We made one about the mascot, state test, rube goldberg, and our new teacher aid. Each podcast is about 2 minutes long and we make scripts we read off of so we know what we are going to say. All this work is done on Garage Band and we add intros and outros with music we could use directly from garage band. Making all 4 podcasts was super fun and I hope in the future sometime I could do podcasting again. Click continue to listen to all my podcasts. So far we have only 3 done out of 4 uploaded so here are the three.

Above is the Mascot podcast below is the State Test podcast.

Below is the Rube Goldberg podcast

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