Capstone Post (Choosing Topic) #1

We just started a new project, capstone! We are chose our top 2 topics, mine are space as number one and robotics as number 2.  We made a chart with our whole class where it shows everyone’s topic 1 and topic 2. I think I chose topics that really interest me but to choose these topics we did an inquiry packet with questions like what interests you or what are you and expert on and more, so you can choose a topic that you really like. I am thinking of doing life outside of Earth for my project.

To find out which question you are going to have we made a list sort of thing. There were subjects like math, science, and more. So you would write questions that have to do with math and your topic which, mine is life outside of Earth. But that is just brainstorming so it can have to do with math and space. You would have to have at least one for each topic. After you do that you would narrow all your questions down to your top 3 favorite. Then you would to the same for your topic 2, mine is robotics. So after everything choosing the topic was a pretty long process but I chose 2 good topics that I really like.

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