Capstone Post (Choosing Inquiry Questions and Sub Questions) #2

So far we have chosen our topics, mine is life on other planets. I met with my teacher Mrs.Robert and we came up with a question based on my topic. My question is how do scientists look for life on other planets? But this took a lot of  work to find a good researchable inquiry question.  Also we came up with sub-questions that we would answer smaller topics while we are presenting.For example your first sub-question would be what is ____ and you would talk about that then you would talk about another.

To come up with my sub-questions we made a list of more than 5 sub-questions  sub questions but it took a few day. You would put your sub-questions on a dock or in the notebook. After you would choose questions that relate to your topic and questions that you may use in our project. Then we would meet with Mrs.Robert again and you and her will choose 5 questions to use and you chose them in order like you would say this first then that second. But you would have to have more than 5 questions or she wouldn’t meet with you.Also she would ask if you found someone you might interview and a place you might visit.

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