Capstone Post (Interview) #3

On 5/23/19 I got the results to my interview back. If you are wondering what do you mean by getting results back? I did my interview over email because the person I was interviewing, Jill Tarter who is a retired engineer and astronomer for the SETI program was traveling a lot so we did it over gmail.

First we asked if she could answer my questions for the interview, and she said yes. Then I sent the questions, but I had to wait a few days but I understood why because she was busy. Then I sent a thank you to her after. The answers were about a paragraph long each which was very helpful. Also I changed my last sub question to what would happen if we found extraterrestrial life?  and it mostly relied on the interview but I still got some information. My last sub-question mostly relied on the interview because I need someone’s opinion. Also she told me the tools she used and what the tools did. So this interview was really really helpful because without it I wouldn’t be able to put much for my last question.

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