Capstone Post (Site Visit) #4

On Sunday (5/25/19) I had my site visit. I went to the science museum in queens. The exhibit I went to was focusing on the question, is there life on other planets? It showed different weird environments microbes live in, for example, it said that microbes were found living in acidic pools of water. This is crazy because it changes what scientists look for. So the site visit was really surprising. I took lots and lots of pictures of the writing and also the pictures. I went with my Dad, Mom, and my younger brother. The exhibit was pretty short but was full with new information.  This information changed my sub question how do scientists look for life?

From this site visit i got new information and lots and lots of pictures to put in my TED talk. So this site visit was really helpful to my research. Now I am done with most of my research because of the site visit.

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