Mixtures and Solutions #2 (Messy Science)

Today on 6/3/19 we did mixtures and solutions messy science with Mrs. Boyer. Today we combined vinegar, oil, and water with green colored sugar. We learned the definition of solvent and a solvent is a liquid that a solid would dissolve into. The solid we dissolved into it, or the solute was colored sugar. We had to write a hypothesis for each experiment and for what would happen if the sugar was dropped into the liquids. My group only completed 2 of the 3 liquids, We did vinegar and oil. For the vinegar (which we did first) we thought the sugar would dissolve into the vinegar because of it’s acidity. After we tested it out, we were right! after a little stirring the green sugar was completely dissolved into the vinegar. This is called a solution because they dissolved into each other so the vinegar turned green and you can no longer see all the components we used. The vinegar was a solvent. Now we did oil, we thought the sugar would not dissolve into it because first, it had no acidity in it, and because sugar dissolves things like salt and sugar, but oil does not mix with water. Once again, we were right! We made a mixture, not a solution because in a mixture you would be able to see the ingredients we used in it. The oil did turn green but i think that because the sugar and the green colloring weren’t fully combined so the oil just stole the color out of it. This means that the oil is not a solvent or a solute. From this messy science Ilearned lots of things like solvents and solutes and more! I loved this project we did.

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