Capstone Post (Answering my Main Inquiry Question) #5

We answered our main inquiry question, how? well we first answered all our sub questions, then we used the answers to make our answer. So our  answers are a combination of all our 5 sub-questions

My answer summarized is,  First I said we need to know what life is, then what life is made of then what how we look for what is needed, then if we found what is needed, and finally what would happen if we found ET? I made my answer like this because I listed my sub-questions in order. So the summary I listed are my sub-questions. Because that is what my answer is about. Then I color coded my answer so for example, green is my sub-question What is life, then blue is my question, what is needed for life. So this is how I answered my main inquiry question and what my answer is about.

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