Capstone Post (Final Product) #6

I am now done with my presentation and my script. We first needed to finish our script to do our presentation, to know if you were done you would write your name the whiteboard, then Mrs.Robert would call you up to revise your script and change it. Mrs.Robert mostly just checked my grammar and punctuation but sometimes she would add more slides and split up my past slides. Now I feel like my script is more organized.

Now for my presentation I started with a picture of space and my title. But for my other slides, I didn’t put my sub question. Instead I put a topic I had in that question. For example for my what is life sub question I put carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen, and phosphorous. Because in my script I said that what life is believed to be made of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorous. So that is how i made my presentation. Also at the end of my slideshow in the conclusion Mrs.Robert helped me find a way to get a QR code. Now I have to practice my script by presenting to people which will help me memorize. Also to memorize I keep rehearsing my script. SO this is the process of me making my final product. It might sound a little simple, but it is way harder because sometimes if you add a slide in your presentation, you have to make a script for that in your format. 🙂

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