Lima Beans, 3rd Week

Hi, This year we planted lima beans in a bag, no soil. You would probably would think it would not grow but it grew, a lot. Each plant has long roots but most are not growing, at least one in each bag is growing. These lima beans can grow without soil but later they will die. Before we started planting, we decomposed a lima bean, inside we saw the food storage, the embryo, and a little leaf coming out. We learned all the parts have a purpose, the food storage stores food and the embryo is a little baby that will grow.  I saw that all of the plants were like tilted on the staple.


No Sunlight

The no sunlight lima beans are not healthy, one of them have short roots and they are orange and  yellow, the two others don’t have roots but they are yellow and brown. This is the manipulated plant (Water and air)  To keep track of our lima beans we have a sheet for observations. The whole class knew they would not be healthy. When the lima beans grew they smelled horrible. Instead of cells and stuff we made a bag, no soil. We watched a Mystery Science video and saw that the plant will grow, but it will die later without soil, and the plant needs soil because there is nutrients in the soil. Later our group thinks  they are gonna die.


No Air

The no air is actually one of the best, it’s hard to believe but it’s true. The No Air lima bean is a manipulated lima bean (Water and sunlight). All the no air lima beans have grown roots, one actually has leaves! But they are drying up and dying. Our group does not know why, my group thought it wasn’t going to grow and I thought it would not grow because a video said a plant needs carbon dioxide, sunlight and water to make sugar to eat. The plants roots are so long the roots are touching the water! So they are probably getting lots of water.


The sunlight is healthy it has green roots and it will last a long time and it is probably the most healthy, this is our controlled plant (Water, Air, and Sunlight. )Two sunlight plants have not grown, but one is very healthy. We thought it would be the most healthiest out of all but it isn’t. You would probably think it is the most healthy but it isn’t.

Week 2 of the Plant Unit


For this 2nd week of this plant unit, our  groups plant got much larger. Now it has buds and our gatorade plant grew! Our group was so excited when we found out our manipulated plant was the only one that grew. The problem was it had some pink leaves and I wonder if  pink leaves is a bad sign or a good sign. Cell 3’s plant had mold on it until now it still has the mold on it and it has not grown at all when the other ones have grown. At the end it looked like they were dying. The controlled plant was really big but not bigger than others. Today (Thursday)  most cells have 7 buds! One has 2 and another one has 6. We were very excited when we saw it had buds. My class and I made a no sunlight plant. It was much different than the other plants. My class knew it was not gonna be a healthy plant because the stem is white and the leaves are yellow! I wonder why the plant is so tall but has no leaves but the healthy ones are not growing fast but has a lot of leaves.  I watered and observed the no sunlight plant two days ago. I think that it needs sunlight to grow. Also while doing this unit from Mystery Science we learned plants need soil for the minerals to grow.Our plants have grown a lot in week 2! I noticed on Friday 4 flowers bloomed! Now four flowers have bloomed! The flowers were yellow and the middle was green. On Friday 5/19/17 the controlled cells have grown tons. Cell 1 is 4 cm, Cell 2 is 3 cm, Cell 3 is 9 cm and Cell 4 is 3 cm! The manipulated plants have not grown a lot, cell 1 is only 1 cm, Cell 2 is ½ cm Cell 3 is o cm and Cell 4 is 1 cm. I am excited to see what plant it will grow to be. I figured out the plant we grew was a plant that grows fast, at first I thought it took a year for every flower to grow. I think our plants are very healthy!


This is our gatorade plant It is actually growing!


This is the No Sunlight plant. It looks pretty weird.

Plant Unit Week 1 Reflection

Week 1

For this weeks Plant Unit May 1st to May 5th our class made plants that were controlled and manipulated. For this unit my groups manipulated one was gatorade we worked with partners my partners are AN, SM, and PR.

For my manipulated one the first day we thought it wouldn’t grow but then SM researched it and he said it won’t grow because of the chemicals in it. He said it will only grow with radishes or something else. We made a hypothesis. My hypothesis was I thought it would grow slower. We saw something and thought it grew but it did not. We had logs and for the first two days it did not grow. Over the weekend when we came back to school it had one leaf we were so excited. Our manipulated plant was the only one that grew. I wonder why he researched and said it can only grow with radishes, is the fact fake? The other people in our class did soapy water, orange juice, coffee grinds, and kinetic sand as the manipulated variable. Also we made a controlled one and on the first week it had grown a lot it was like 1 cm on the the first 4 days, we logged it, and drew a picture. I really wanted to see what plant it was going to be, I thought it would be a flower or a small plant but it turned out pretty big.


This is our gatorade plant and our controlled plant.

Math State test Reflection

For this years Math State Test it was my first time I felt confident. I asked my big brother to see if he thought it was hard, he said it was not challenging. The day of  the test the tables were set and I was ready. When we started my teacher said something like “No Devices Allowed” When we started the questions were not hard so that made me have a good feeling about the test. I finished the test , then my whole class. While we were waiting for the announcement  we got to go on our chrome books or we could draw. The second day it was the same not that hard questions. We had area questions, perimeter, division, and multiplication. The third day it was not the same, there were no multiple choice. Some questions you had to explain how you got your answer but overall the questions were not challenging. The best part was no homework and extra recess. I really liked the state test and I think I did a good job.

Banning Plastic Bags


One Plastic Bag

By: Miranda Paul


Isatou lives in Gambia. One plastic bag is mainly about Isatou and her friends reusing plastic bags to save the Gambia. They make plastic purses out of the plastic bags! My favorite part was when they started making plastic purses because it inspires you to try making things out of old stuff and you learn not to litter.This reminded me of the team “Bye Bye Plastic Bags” Ted Talk because the Bye Bye Plastic Bags talk about plastic bags harming our environment. Same as the book, their home Gambia is getting harmed by the plastic bags.The message of the book is that you should not litter and sometimes you can reuse things to make awesome things!I think that you should not litter because it is hurting nature and is harming our environment because in the story the plastic bags were hurting the goats it almost killed all of them!

Banning Plastic Bags In Bali

By: TED Talks


Banning plastic bags in Bali (Ted Talk) is mostly about two girls telling us we need to recycle or even ban plastic bags. My favorite part was when they met the government of Bali because I’ve never seen the government of any country or state and also it was the most exciting part. This talk reminded me of “One Plastic Bag” because the nature was dying and was harming the environment. The message of this talk is you need to recycle plastic bags. I think they were right about recycling plastic bags because it is harming our environment.

Poetry Reflection

For this years festival “Poem In Your Pocket” I put up my poem “You Can Argue With a Bear” because I always argue with my brothers so I thought about writing a mostly fiction poem.

I also wrote this poem because I wanted to do a poem kind of serious but mostly silly or funny. I also liked this poem the best because most people in my class laughed! So I chose this poem and I got help with finding my poem for the Poem In Your Pocket Festival.


This is my poem:





You Can Argue With A Bear

By:Matthew Im


You can argue with a bear

You can argue with your cat

or a broken baseball bat.

You can argue with a shoe,

You can argue with a bed,

You can argue all day long

until your face is turning red.

ELA State Test Reflection

This year I had my first state test it was horrible  I had to read so much and write much and the 3rd part, Horrible. 🙁

At first I was excited when taking it the first time, it was worse than waiting two hours. I forgot when I was done I had to wait an hour and 30 minutes, it was horrific. Some questions were hard. The best part of it was extra recess  the tables were split and quiet and also no homework for the week! 🙂

but still the test was horrible. Also the test was horrible because my teacher had to be like a robot, She said like no devices allowed if you don’t give it to me your test answers won’t be correct. 🙁

I did not like it, my teacher said it  every day, it was annoying. 🙁

My Moon Unit Reflection

Hello! and for all 28 days I have been observing the moon, I saw many different ones. At first I did not know anything about waxing and waning now I know so much about waxing and waning. The most exiting day was the 14th day because it was the full Moon! It was bright white.

I did not know but I learned,Saturn has 62 moons Neptune has 14 moons and Mercury has none Uranus has 27 MOONS🙂

I thought it was so crazy! When I was younger I did not know that the moon was never changing.

My Information book about Dinosaurs

I chose this topic because I really like Dinosaurs and I know a lot about them. Here is My book about Dinosaurs!

I hope out have a roar out of this book!

I hope you liked my book!

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