Capstone Post (Choosing Inquiry Questions and Sub Questions) #2

So far we have chosen our topics, mine is life on other planets. I met with my teacher Mrs.Robert and we came up with a question based on my topic. My question is how do scientists look for life on other planets? But this took a lot of  work to find a good researchable inquiry question.  Also we came up with sub-questions that we would answer smaller topics while we are presenting.For example your first sub-question would be what is ____ and you would talk about that then you would talk about another.

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Capstone Post (Choosing Topic) #1

We just started a new project, capstone! We are chose our top 2 topics, mine are space as number one and robotics as number 2.  We made a chart with our whole class where it shows everyone’s topic 1 and topic 2. I think I chose topics that really interest me but to choose these topics we did an inquiry packet with questions like what interests you or what are you and expert on and more, so you can choose a topic that you really like. I am thinking of doing life outside of Earth for my project. Continue reading Capstone Post (Choosing Topic) #1

Making Podcasts in 5-R

We are making podcasts in our class. Our name is 3… 2…. 1… Learn Up! Me and my partner Santi are now on our 4th podcast. Making podcasts have been really fun because we could do on almost anything events going on at school. We made one about the mascot, state test, rube goldberg, and our new teacher aid. Each podcast is about 2 minutes long and we make scripts we read off of so we know what we are going to say. All this work is done on Garage Band and we add intros and outros with music we could use directly from garage band. Making all 4 podcasts was super fun and I hope in the future sometime I could do podcasting again. Click continue to listen to all my podcasts. So far we have only 3 done out of 4 uploaded so here are the three.

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Isaac Newton Info-Graphic

In class we made a infographic, a infographic is like a poster thingy that you would share information with using pictures or sometimes graphs with not many words. I made one and it took like 2 – 3 days to make, you may think thats a lot but ine took 2 – 3 days but some took about 5 days which is kinda a lot. Our class had to do it about Isaac Newton. Isaac made up the 3 laws of motion that you see in my infographic. I loved that each person did different things and each was unique. Since it was our first time our teacher gave us templates on the infographic. For example the template would have different outlines  and little pictures on the side you could use on your infographic.  So in the end the whole proccess was a enjoyable experience and it was super fun also! Below is my infographic and click more to see it.

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Adobe Spark Video

We didn’t just make a advertisement but we also made Videos! In a Video it is like a slideshow put in a video format where it automatically turns the page. We could have Music, Themes, and more! I loved this Adobe Spark project and here is my video! Click read more to see my video!

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Rube Goldberg Blog Post 5

Now that we have Almost everything done, we just need to put to together a video that will explain all the fails, time-lapses and successes. I think making the video will be the most fun part because we put together all the different videos we recorded. We also made a different design for our project because we found out we needed a lot of changes. So with our new design it took 16 tries until we finally had a success. In that 16 tries sometimes it was frustrating because in one try it was on the 2 to last step and a little incorrect thing in lining up the reverse ramp with the chain made it fail. After we were mad because we had to set the whole thing back up which we made a time lapse on. What made us made is half of those spots were from the start because the ball wouldn’t hit the dominoes. Actually one time we had success but then we redid our design so we had to have another success that we are working on having.

Rube Goldberg Blog Post 4

I was working with my group and we are almost finished building. But one part still isn’t working, this is the start when the ball goes down 2 ramps and is supposed to hit the dominoes. But for some reason it kept going somewhere else and never hit the dominoes. Because of this we had 20 fails on the same exact part. Each time was something different. For example multiple times we did not use a ping pong ball, we used a marble. The marble didn’t work because it could move around on the track so it ended up somewhere each different time. But then we fixed this problem, we found out that one change in the weight, how big it is, or how it rolls, can change the whole thing. Continue reading Rube Goldberg Blog Post 4

Rube Goldberg Blog Post 6

We finally finished our video or our successes, fails, and time-lapses. Now that we have done that We just need to do other assignments like blog posts. At our last meeting still all the recording took like 20 minutes because we had to test the different parts like end part when we put the acid base reaction. Also when we made it, it turned out that the water didn’t turn blue but it made the pink color look purple, but you could easily tell  it was very different. We also made a picture of the two cups with the before and after which we added in the video. The video on WeVideo we made started with a intro and started a time lapse of building some of it because some of it broke down and we had to rearrange some things. So far I have had lots and lots of fun doing this project.

Rube Goldberg Blog Post 7

My group has finally finished everything and this blog post is going to be like a highlight of what happened. At the start on the first meeting was at my house, where we just planned out what we were going to do. On the second meeting we started building and we made the start of the first design also we finished most of our sketch. On the third meeting it was time to hand in our sketch and three blog posts, and we finished the first design. The fourth meeting we had we recorded the first design and started building the second design when we though we had to make it better. The second to last meeting which is the fifth one is when we built the rest. At the last meeting we got to record the whole design and we started making the video. After all that we all just did our work and now we all finished. I loved doing this project with my friends and I hope I will be able to do this again! Click continue reading and click the link to see my video on Youtube!


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Rube Goldberg Blog post 1

While researching on different Rube Goldberg machines with my group Me, Santi, and Jason we saw many different things we could try out. each person in our group found out how to make something. For example it was Jason’s idea to put the reverse ramp. He liked this because he said it was fancy and it was cool how it worked. I came up with the funnel and the basketball. I liked this because I liked how we used different balls and the funnel I made and brought. Santi made up the chain and our whole group liked it. It was a cool thing that we could to our project.

Some things were challenging and some things were easy. For example one thing challenging is planning what you are going to make, because you need to research and look for things to use in your Rube Goldberg. For our group making the whole thing is easy because me and my group met up before and we tested out and put together a lot of things and they worked first try. Somethings that didn’t work was  making a marble hit a ping pong ball and then the ball drops on a ramp but the things that did work was the chain step it took only 2 tries. didn’t but after a few tries we memorized how to set it up so it wouldn’t fail next time. Also we didn’t know that we need to put things around the table we are using so we can put the funnel and make the ball go through it. We need to do this because the funnel is next to the table connected to a wall.

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