Cats, a history: Grain guards, Egyptian gods, Garfields and Grumpy Cat

In this article it talked about the history of cat’s and how they were tamed and how cats help us in many ways that we may or may not know.

I’m noticing that cats have a long history with people.They were tamed about 12,000 years ago They ate the mouse that ate the grain. I’m wondering if it’s true ⅓ of U.S. house’s have a cat, did you ever hear that? If it is, it means cats are more popular. I’m thinking that cats will always be part of people’s lives in good way by helping their owners get rid of mice or by just keeping them happy by letting you pet them. Cats are here to stay, forever…

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  1. akahn24 says:

    I agree that cats help us in many ways, but what do you mean when you say cats are more popular? I’m just wondering if its just cats that do that kind of security, or do other animals do it as well? I agree because I have seen cats catch mice. I think that there are other animals out there that help people, too. Thank you for righting about cats because actually I got to learn something.

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