‘Keep your claws off those cat paws’ may soon be New Jersey’s message to vets

In the article, Keep your claws off those cat paws may soon be New Jersey’s message to vets, New Jersey thinks it is cruel to declaw a cat leading to a ban on declawing cats. In New Jersey, cats will keep their claws. Some people disagree with the ban. And these people think it’s better to declaw them than get rid of them. I chose this article because I wondered about a point in the article. Why do vets disagree with the ban?

I’m thinking that the people that disagree with the ban are incorrect because it is cruel that people declaw cats. Claws are important to a cat. It’s like someone taking away your arms. I’m wondering why so many people disagree. They should think about their cats. I’m noticing that vets think that declawing cats is fine. If you were a cat would you want to be declawed?

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