June 21

Capstone #7 – CapCon! 2017 Share

Today I finished Capstone and it was also the moving up ceremony for the fifth graders. My Capstone was on actor safety. I performed my Capstone in my classroom. I went through everything pretty well. I made couple of mistakes but it was still good overall. Before the presentation I was nervous but once I started talking everything started to flow and it wasn’t that hard. I think that most people liked my presentation. I really liked the way the school set everything up and I liked the idea of the business cards because now I have everybody’s link to their blog but I think that we should have handed them out to parents. I also think that the digital presentations didn’t have enough time to give their presentation. Overall, I loved Capstone and I hope I can do another project like this in the middle school. This is the link to my video: https://youtu.be/KXmnAaiXkY4?list=PLSS8PA6fV_dwGl9FomNFl-3f-_k6HjFCD 

June 14

Capstone #6 – Working on my final project

On Monday 6/12 our final project was due. Even though our final project was due that didn’t mean we had to be done rehearsing. I decided to do a Ted talk because I like to present in front of a live audience. I also like Ted talks because the time limit was not as strict as an Ignite. My presentation was about how actor safety can be improved and why actors are not safe at the moment. First, I was going to do a video about actor safety. Second, I was going to do a PSA (public service announcement) about actor safety. Third and finally, I chose to do a Ted talk because of the reasons I said earlier. On Monday I presented my Ted talk to my class and I did really well, also the other classmates’ feedback was very helpful. I think I will be ready for the presentation on Tuesday with our parents. Overall I think that my final project is really good and I hope the final presentation will go well.

June 6

Capstone #5- Answering My Main Inquiry Question

About a month ago me and my classmates were suppost to make a main inquiry question for our Capstone. Recently we were supost to make an essay about answering our main inquriy question. My essay was five paragraphs. The first paragraph is my intrduction. The second paragraph is about why actors are not that safe. The third paragraph is about CGI. The fourth paragraph is about crash dummies and spending more money. The last paragraph is my conclution. This is one of the best essays I have ever written. this is the essay.

Do you like action movies or action TV shows? Do you think that the actors might not be safe while filming? Well, I think actor safety needs to be improved in many ways. At the moment actor safety is not being taken seriously and actors are getting hurt everywhere. There are two main ways actor safety can be improved. One way actor safety can be improved is using CGI (computer-generated imagery). (explain) Another way actor safety can be improved is by spending more money on safety and using crash dummies.

I am going to prove to you that actor safety needs to be improved. For example, when Sylvester Stallone was filming the climactic fight scene between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago in “Rocky IV,” Sylvester Stallone instructed Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren to actually try to knock him out. Lundgren obliged, and hit Stallone so hard in the chest that Stallone’s pericardial sac became swollen and began pressing against his heart. Sensing that something was seriously wrong, Stallone went to a local hospital only to be put on an emergency flight to Santa Monica, California where he remained in intensive care for nine days. Oddly enough, his insurer, Lloyd’s of London, initially refused to pay his medical bills since an injury of that type is usually indicative of a head-on car accident, and not a boxing match. The insurance company eventually paid the medical bill after watching the footage of the fight. Another example, is when Jackie Chan was filming the movie “Armour of God” and he was seriously injured during a stunt. During one particular scene, Chan was supposed to jump from a castle wall and land in a nearby tree. He performed the stunt quite easily on the first try but when Chan attempted a second take, he missed his target and fell 25 feet to the ground, landing headfirst on a rock. His skull was fractured, a piece of bone shot up into his brain, and blood started leaking from his ear. Chan was then rushed to a hospital for emergency brain surgery, and to this day, he wears a plastic plug over a hole in his skull “to keep my brains in.” he says. These examples prove why actor safety is so important and needs to be improved especailly when filming action scenes.

One way actor safety can be improved is by using CGI. CGI is a really good way to help actors be safe while filming because they don’t even have to be on set to make the action scenes. Let me explain how CGI works.  First, the editors will take photos or look at an actor and then make a computer generated image of them. Second, they make the computer generated version move and do what the actor would have done. Third, they add a backround and make the image look like it is in the background. Finally, they are done with that scene and the actor never had to be on the set. CGI is already being used in some films. If companies used more CGI it would take 80% of actor injuries away.  This would make films much safer for actors and would reduce the filmmakers insurance and medical costs. Overall CGI is a great way to improve actor safety.

Another way actor safety can be improved is by spending more money on safety and using crash dummies. If the company that is making the film can more acurately prediction of how much money it will make when the film is released they will know how much they can spend on safety. If movie companies spend a little extra they can make better equipment so that the acting community can be a lot safer for everyone in it. Crash dummies are normally used to predict car crashes and rollercoasts, but what if we used them for testing stunts? If companies used crash dummies it might take longer to release the film but it will be worth it.  

In conclusion, actors are not safe now but if we use CGI or crash dummies their jobs will be a lot safer. And to all the directors out there paying a little bit more is not always a bad thing. Do you think actor safety needs to be improved? If so, which of my two possibilities would be better for the actors?

Answering my main inquriy question was really hard and it took a lot of research. I really enjoyed writing this essay and i’m really happy I got it done.

June 2

Middle School Tour

Today me and all the fifth grade of each Scarsdale school went to the Scarsdale Middle School (SMS) to get a tour of our houses. I am in Butler so I got a tour of Butler house. It was really interesting this is what happened. First we went into the auditorium where we were split up into house. Second the principal and the person that will be our teacher next year told us about SMS. Third we went to the Butler cafeteria were Mrs. Cass the Butler house counselor told us about Butler. Fourth we went to the science room were we learned about some of the projects we will do next year and I am really exited for next year. Fifth we went to our math teacher witch was really nice and said that he doesn’t give much homework witch is really awesome! Sixth we went to our social studies room were we learned about projects we would do next year she was really nice and I am very exited for social studies next year. Finally we went to our English teacher were we learned about summer reading and other things in English. Overall the SMS tour was really exiting and I am exited for the middle school next year.

June 1

Going to Pollo A La Brasa Misti Restaurant

Today my grade and I went on a field trip to a restaurant called Pollo A La Brasa Misti Restaurant in Port Chester, NY. We went there to celebrate all are hard work we did in Spanish for the past two years. This is a Peruvian restaurant that served us great food. These foods were: chicha morada, a classic Peruvian drink, lomo saltado, a very good Peruvian food made of beef, onions tomatoes and others, pollo saltado, which is like lomo saltado but with chicken not beef, and pescado, a Peruvian style of cooking fish. My favorite was lomo saltado. I didn’t like the pescado because the sauce on top of it was not good.  I sat at a table with Luc, Luc’s mom, Noah, and David.We had a really fun experience at Pollo A La Brasa Misti Restaurant. Overall I think that Pollo A La Brasa Misti Restaurant was a great restaurant to go to. I also would like to thank the PTA, the fifth grade teachers and Senor Johnson for helping make this field trip possible.

May 30

Scarsdale Middle School

On Friday the kids in my grade were told what house they will be in next year. I was told that i’m in Butler, I am very happy to be in butler but I wasn’t expecting to be in Butler. My older brother is in Cooper so that was the house I was expecting to be in. I am very upset that not all of my friends are in butler but I new not all of them would be. My friends in Butler are Braden, Griffin, Grant, and Bora. Overall I am upset that not all of my friends are in my house but I am happy to be in Butler.

May 17

Capstone #4 – Site Visit

One of the requirements for Capstone is a site visit. A site visit is a place you go to that is related to your topic for research. I did my site visit on May 12th. I went to a place called Group Nine Media. Group Nine Media is a group of media companies that hold digital media such as The Dodo, Thrillist, NowThis, and Seeker. When I was inside the building it didn’t seem too interesting but I talked to a couple of people and they helped me answer most of my sub questions. For example, now I know how film crews do most of the stunts and what materials they use for the stunts. The materials used are smoke bombs, trapdoors, and zip-lines. First, I interviewed my aunt Suzanne Kolb. Second, I saw a floor of the building where they do most of their online business and marketing. Third, I looked at a film set where I saw how trapdoors and zip-lines worked. Group Nine Media was a great place to visit and it helped me a lot with my research. 

This is part of Group Nine Media headquarters:

May 16

Capstone #3 – Interviewing

One of the requirements for Capstone is interviewing an expert on your topic. I interviewed my aunt, Suzanne Kolb. Suzanne Kolb has worked in the TV business for a long time. For example, first she worked at the CW, then E! entertainment, then worked at Discovery Channel, and now she is working at Group Nine Media. Getting the interview scheduled was not that hard, all I did was email her and she said we could meet at Group Nine Media headquarters on May 12th.

When we met we went into a room so we could do the interview without other people interupting. Once we got started I asked her my questions which I think helped a lot constructing my capstone project. These were my questions: What is your experience/knowledge with safety on TV and film sets? I did some research and found out that at the moment you are working at an organisation called Group Nine Media, what does Group Nine Media do and what is your involvement in it? The main question that I have to answer for my capstone is “How can safety be improved in TV & film sets?” Do you think it needs to be improved if so, why? Do you know any recurring safety problems and why? Do you know any people who have been hurt? How do stunt doubles affect stunts? What equipment is used to make stunts? How do budgets affect stunts? Do you think that editing can improve stunts and how? What genre of films/TV show do you think is the most dangerous? If an actor gets hurt, who is responsible to pay for the health care? Is there anything else you would like to add that you think will help me for my capstone?

Overall I think the answer that was the most helpful out of all my questions was her answer to question 11 where she talked about health care and contracts. A normal contract is a document saying that the company will pay for some amount of the person’s insurance and how long they will be working on the film(s).

Overall I think the interview went well and it was very helpful. This is the link to my video: https://drive.google.com/a/scarsdaleschools.org/file/d/0B3l7RxVK65dCbkdxN181YUNRZms/view?usp=sharing  


May 4

Capstone #2 – Choosing Sub-Questions

Because my topic is Films and my main inquiry question is how safety can be improved my sub questions are: What famous people have been hurt?, What are some recurring problems in safety?, How can editing change stunts?, What equipment is used to make stunts?, and How do budget cuts affect stunts?  I don’t have to include all the questions in my final product because the point of the sub questions is to help me answer my main inquiry question. The hardest question to answer was what are some recurring problems in safety. I am excited to work with my main inquiry question and sub questions in the future.

April 25

Capstone #1 – Chosing a topic

In my school, one of the biggest fifth grade projects is making a Capstone. A Capstone is a presentation or video showing what you know about a specific topic. On monday I was assigned to come up with a topic for my Capstone I chose television show production because I know a lot about it and I can interview my aunt because she has worked in the television business for a while now. I like this topic because it is very interesting to me and I like to watch television. My main inquiry question is going to be, how can the film stunts and shots be more safe? I will most likely do a presentation format because it is a three minute presentation on Google Slides a program that I know very well, I will have twelve fifteen second. I think that the athletic stunts are too dangerous so it might be improved by CGI editing and also safer equipment. I am very exited to start Capstone and i’m hoping it will go well for me.