December 16

Should Cursive Be Taught in School

I personaly think that cusive should not be taught in school. I do understand the other sides opinion and I agree with what they said. But learning to type and to write cursive will take to much time out of the school day. So I think that typing just has better reasons why it should be taught insted of cursive. Diya Mehta, a ten year old girl says that in the future most likely we eill olny use computers. To back this up if we can’t write it on a computer we can just write it in print. Technology is growing and their’s no way to stop it.

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1 thoughts on “Should Cursive Be Taught in School

  1. dgoldman24

    I agree with what you say. I like how you give examples. Maybe you could say why you also agree with what the other people say.?


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