January 11

MLK, Jr.

I think that the aspirations of Mr. King’s speech were realized and now some people have forgotten about it.

They were realized because a couple of years after his speech the black people’s rights came one by one to black people for example his quote,”I have a dream that little black boys and little black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls” and they do. Even though he was shot his “dream” still lives on. Mr. King’s speech inspired many and won the hearts of the many people who make the laws. Also, I think that if Mr. King’s speech was not said by him or not said by somone with a good enough reputation then black people might not have the same rights today.

The aspirations of Mr. King’s speech have been somewhat forgotten  For example, the new “Black lives matter protest” which is about cops who are using violence on black people without just cause, shows that certain people dont want to treat all people equally or fairly.  It seems that overtime the ideals of Mr. King’s speech have been slowly fading away and people have been forgetting about them.

This is a timeline of Mr. Kings life.MLK, Jr. timeline-27y7vzh

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6 thoughts on “MLK, Jr.

  1. gmiller24

    I Like how you said how people remember it and how people have forgotten it.I think that it was good that you put in a quote from his speech.

  2. jwang24

    Hello Matt, I liked how you put examples for that the speech was realized. You don’t need to add quotation marks for “Dream” btw. Overall I think this post is well-written!

  3. ryang24

    Hi Matt, I think that your blog post was well written because in the first paragraph, you explained your opinion on if you think Martin’s speech was realized or not, and in the second and third paragraph, you gave many examples. I like how you said that his “dream” inspired many and won the hearts of the people who make the laws. Nice post.


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