January 23

Rube Goldberg 6

Yesterday Leo and I got together to finish our Rube Goldberg. After we recorded we decided not to include all twenty four attempts, just the first and last. Editing was hard, but when I finished the soundtrack was great and the cuts and words worked well, too.

Overall, I think that Leo and I did a great job on our Rube Goldberg machine, we were very happy that we finished it because we spent a lot of time building and recording.

January 23

Rube Goldberg 5

Yesterday, Leo and I got together to finish our Rube Goldberg machine. When we recorded, it failed twenty four times before it finally succeeded.  Each time we recorded, I got better and better at saying the intro. Now I can say it without even looking at the machine. On the twenty-fifth attempt Leo and I went crazy because we were so upset that it wasn’t working that when it did, we were very surprised and relieved. Also, on our second try it was about to work, but then the soccer ball missed.

January 23

Rube Goldberg 4

Yesterday Leo and I met to finish our Rube Goldberg machine. When we assembled it, the hardest thing was the marble hitting the tablet because we had to make a cardboard tube turn so that the marble would hit the tablet at the right angle. Another thing that was hard was attaching the string for the shoe to the ceiling because Leo and I could barely reach it, so it became very hard to tape the string. When we finally did it, we added a new step that included a water bucket where the weight of the bucket that is full of water would pull on the pulley, instead of using a person. The whole machine was assembled in a hour, so we still had a lot of time to finish.

January 12

Rube Goldberg 3

Today,  Leo and I collected the materials we need for our Rube Goldberg machine. We needed: a ball, a goal (box), some string, duct tape, a toy car, toy car track, a marble tube, a marble, a pulley, a soda can, dominoes, a shoe, paper, and a nerf dart. It took about an hour to find everything we needed. After that we tested everything separately so we could make sure that they worked. Then we ran out of time because Leo had to leave.

Overall, today we finished all the things that are due on the 18th, and Leo and I were very successful.

January 11

Rube Goldberg 2

Today Leo and I got together to do our Rube Goldberg and we are working on our sketch. We set up our machine based on our sketch and the machine goes like this: 1 pully, 2 car ramp, 3 soda can roll, 4 dominos, 5 marble, 6 string pull, 7 shoe string, and finally, 8 soccer kick. We added an items list, labels and an explanation for the confusing parts. We decided to do it on paper, not on Google Drawings. We also thought of what room to use in my house and we chose the living room.

January 11

Rube Goldberg 1

Today at school, Leo and I worked on our sketch and started to create the steps. We had the problem that on Google Drawings we didn’t have enough space for the project so we shrunk our drawing. However, when it was small we could not clearly show all our Rube Goldberg steps. Unfortunately, we did not have much time to work so we didn’t get much done. We also discussed some ideas we would use for our Rube Goldberg machine. We will try to achieve kicking a soccer ball into a goal. We have only chosen 3/8 of the steps, but I thought of some at home today. Hopefully, my ideas will make it into the final project.