June 2

Middle School Tour

Today me and all the fifth grade of each Scarsdale school went to the Scarsdale Middle School (SMS) to get a tour of our houses. I am in Butler so I got a tour of Butler house. It was really interesting this is what happened. First we went into the auditorium where we were split up into house. Second the principal and the person that will be our teacher next year told us about SMS. Third we went to the Butler cafeteria were Mrs. Cass the Butler house counselor told us about Butler. Fourth we went to the science room were we learned about some of the projects we will do next year and I am really exited for next year. Fifth we went to our math teacher witch was really nice and said that he doesn’t give much homework witch is really awesome! Sixth we went to our social studies room were we learned about projects we would do next year she was really nice and I am very exited for social studies next year. Finally we went to our English teacher were we learned about summer reading and other things in English. Overall the SMS tour was really exiting and I am exited for the middle school next year.

June 1

Going to Pollo A La Brasa Misti Restaurant

Today my grade and I went on a field trip to a restaurant called Pollo A La Brasa Misti Restaurant in Port Chester, NY. We went there to celebrate all are hard work we did in Spanish for the past two years. This is a Peruvian restaurant that served us great food. These foods were: chicha morada, a classic Peruvian drink, lomo saltado, a very good Peruvian food made of beef, onions tomatoes and others, pollo saltado, which is like lomo saltado but with chicken not beef, and pescado, a Peruvian style of cooking fish. My favorite was lomo saltado. I didn’t like the pescado because the sauce on top of it was not good.  I sat at a table with Luc, Luc’s mom, Noah, and David.We had a really fun experience at Pollo A La Brasa Misti Restaurant. Overall I think that Pollo A La Brasa Misti Restaurant was a great restaurant to go to. I also would like to thank the PTA, the fifth grade teachers and Senor Johnson for helping make this field trip possible.

May 30

Scarsdale Middle School

On Friday the kids in my grade were told what house they will be in next year. I was told that i’m in Butler, I am very happy to be in butler but I wasn’t expecting to be in Butler. My older brother is in Cooper so that was the house I was expecting to be in. I am very upset that not all of my friends are in butler but I new not all of them would be. My friends in Butler are Braden, Griffin, Grant, and Bora. Overall I am upset that not all of my friends are in my house but I am happy to be in Butler.

April 21

Poetry Unit

I personaly like the poetry unit because it is really fun to write poems and I think I am pretty good at it my favorite poems are the funny ones I have wrote a lot of poems and I like doing it. Everyone had to make a where i’m from poem witch is a poem about your origins this is my where i’m from poem.

I am from

A piano that plays a soft smooth melody

From books and bookmarks

I am from a land of chaos

And yells and screams of anger

I am from a loud house but silent street

I am from a cherry tree

Whose roots are strong as iron

From Kolb and Cheevers

And from crazy and annoying

I am from a Thanksgiving feast

From turkey and potatoes

I am from doctors and lawyers

From a little pig toy

I am from a train and a car

I am from the moments of pain and misery

I am from a land of chaos

I am Matthew
-by Matthew

Overall the poetry unit is really fun and I want to do more of it.

April 21

Immagration Unit

During the immigration unit my main assignment had to pick a country in the 1890’s – 1930’s make up a person from those times and make a realistic video on Wevideo.com.  I chose france 1910 in Le Mans my person was Louis Petit. He had a brother named Hugo, a sister named Angelique, a mom named Marie, and a dad named Leo. He leaves because of poverty and wanting a new life. he has to pack and say goodbye to Astor, his cousin. He takes a train to Havre, France aand takes a boat called the S.S. Chicago. When he gets to Ellis Island he gets very confused but over his course of time on Ellis Island he gets less confused. In the aftermath he is happy with his new life but when he figures out that Astor died he gets very sad. Overall the immigration assignment was great.

March 20

Sphero lesson 2.0 – 3.0 March 17

I think that my second and third Sphero lessons did much better than my first because we did not have technical difficulties and it just went smoother. First after they signed in we would teach them how to do a rectangle then we taught them about loop and reset aim. then we made them use a ramp. This was hard for them but they did it. Our First group was better but they were both great. Overall the second and third lesson did a lot better than the first. Here is an image of my group working, I am  taping a ramp down well everyone else is working on the program.

March 10

Sphero Lesson 1.0 March 8th

I think our first sphero lesson was good except for the technical difficulties our first group Matthew and Zach were better than Jack and Megan (our second group) We got everything done so i’m very happy. I was scared that I would mess up before but then I stop feeling that. during the lesson we taught my groop roll and how to make a square. they understood it well. at the end we showed them the fortune teller program and they liked it. Overall it was a great experience.

January 11

MLK, Jr.

I think that the aspirations of Mr. King’s speech were realized and now some people have forgotten about it.

They were realized because a couple of years after his speech the black people’s rights came one by one to black people for example his quote,”I have a dream that little black boys and little black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls” and they do. Even though he was shot his “dream” still lives on. Mr. King’s speech inspired many and won the hearts of the many people who make the laws. Also, I think that if Mr. King’s speech was not said by him or not said by somone with a good enough reputation then black people might not have the same rights today.

The aspirations of Mr. King’s speech have been somewhat forgotten  For example, the new “Black lives matter protest” which is about cops who are using violence on black people without just cause, shows that certain people dont want to treat all people equally or fairly.  It seems that overtime the ideals of Mr. King’s speech have been slowly fading away and people have been forgetting about them.

This is a timeline of Mr. Kings life.MLK, Jr. timeline-27y7vzh

December 16

Should Cursive Be Taught in School

I personaly think that cusive should not be taught in school. I do understand the other sides opinion and I agree with what they said. But learning to type and to write cursive will take to much time out of the school day. So I think that typing just has better reasons why it should be taught insted of cursive. Diya Mehta, a ten year old girl says that in the future most likely we eill olny use computers. To back this up if we can’t write it on a computer we can just write it in print. Technology is growing and their’s no way to stop it.

December 8

Feature Article

We made feature articles they are non-fiction stories about somthing we know a lot about. We first did it on google docks and then did it on pages. When our teacher thought it was good we printed it. We added pictures QR codes to viedos and text. My topic was magic. My article had a lot of editing and revising so it had to be perfect before we printed.