March 20

Sphero lesson 2.0 – 3.0 March 17

I think that my second and third Sphero lessons did much better than my first because we did not have technical difficulties and it just went smoother. First after they signed in we would teach them how to do a rectangle then we taught them about loop and reset aim. then we made them use a ramp. This was hard for them but they did it. Our First group was better but they were both great. Overall the second and third lesson did a lot better than the first. Here is an image of my group working, I am  taping a ramp down well everyone else is working on the program.

March 10

Sphero Lesson 1.0 March 8th

I think our first sphero lesson was good except for the technical difficulties our first group Matthew and Zach were better than Jack and Megan (our second group) We got everything done so i’m very happy. I was scared that I would mess up before but then I stop feeling that. during the lesson we taught my groop roll and how to make a square. they understood it well. at the end we showed them the fortune teller program and they liked it. Overall it was a great experience.

January 11

MLK, Jr.

I think that the aspirations of Mr. King’s speech were realized and now some people have forgotten about it.

They were realized because a couple of years after his speech the black people’s rights came one by one to black people for example his quote,”I have a dream that little black boys and little black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls” and they do. Even though he was shot his “dream” still lives on. Mr. King’s speech inspired many and won the hearts of the many people who make the laws. Also, I think that if Mr. King’s speech was not said by him or not said by somone with a good enough reputation then black people might not have the same rights today.

The aspirations of Mr. King’s speech have been somewhat forgotten  For example, the new “Black lives matter protest” which is about cops who are using violence on black people without just cause, shows that certain people dont want to treat all people equally or fairly.  It seems that overtime the ideals of Mr. King’s speech have been slowly fading away and people have been forgetting about them.

This is a timeline of Mr. Kings life.MLK, Jr. timeline-27y7vzh

December 16

Should Cursive Be Taught in School

I personaly think that cusive should not be taught in school. I do understand the other sides opinion and I agree with what they said. But learning to type and to write cursive will take to much time out of the school day. So I think that typing just has better reasons why it should be taught insted of cursive. Diya Mehta, a ten year old girl says that in the future most likely we eill olny use computers. To back this up if we can’t write it on a computer we can just write it in print. Technology is growing and their’s no way to stop it.

December 8

Feature Article

We made feature articles they are non-fiction stories about somthing we know a lot about. We first did it on google docks and then did it on pages. When our teacher thought it was good we printed it. We added pictures QR codes to viedos and text. My topic was magic. My article had a lot of editing and revising so it had to be perfect before we printed.


December 8


Yes people should clone pets/animals because when a animal gets eaten by humans we could clone it so it does not damage the food chain. But don’t clone animals that die in the wild so it will not be too exesive and the food chain will stay in tact So  there will be no overrunning. Also when a pet dies the people will not go in despair. It also can give extint animals another chance. Overall I personaly think the cloning idea is good and amasing.

December 5

Rocket presentation reflection

At first I was very nervous but as the presentation went on I got more courage. I think my group did ok but every group went to fast. Also the groups really seemed like they did not want to do this. My group did pretty well but we stuttered a lot. Overall I think that every group could do better but it was really fun. I think the best part was getting the slides finished and having to change it and seeing how the slides changed. I think that it would have been better if nobody had the launching slides and just said the jobs during the viedo.

December 1

Oil pipeline protest

I think the protest is the right thing to do because the oil pipline will polute nature and make farmers not be able to plant and grow crops. Because the oil will hurt nature the native tribes might be more close to nature the us. If the farmers do not grow crops because of this pipe the natives might starve. Also if the farmers dont get mony they could also die. In conclution I think that the oil pipeline is a very bad and dangerous idea.

December 1

Pax – Bristles Mistrustfulness Matthew

In the book Pax by Sarah Pennypacker Bristle the fox is mistrustful to human smelling animals/humans because of her past. Evidince that supports this is when Bristle was a pup she went with her sister and parents to steel food from a barn then her mom was caught in a trap then she and her husband were butaly murderd in frount of them. Then it started snowing and Bristle and her sister sarted trying to fing their way home. They could not find it and in the morning her sister was dead.

November 15

Philadelphia Trip

I think the Phily trip was really cool because we got to see a lot of famous things and learn a lot the guides were really nice and the show was amazing. The buses were really nice. the museum had a lot of interesting things my favorite was independence hall were we got to see all the artifacts that are famous like the rising sun chair.