Spring Break

Now that spring break is coming up in a few days my family has been thinking where we should go for vacation. We decided on go to Canada. We are going to visit Niagara Falls and see the beautiful views. I am planning on getting sweatpants and some maple there. I am exited to do new things that I,ve never done before.

Image result for niagara falls
I got this picture from https://www.niagaracruises.com/
Image result for canada flag
I got this picture from http://www.pngall.com/canada-flag-png

I,m exited to see the beautiful falls and take pictures all the time. (I hope I get a good view from my hotel!) I am exited to spend my break there and explore Canada. This is my first time visiting there so I am extra excited. I hope I can learn new things about Canada and Niagara Falls. I also hope I can do things related to Niagara Falls.

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