Rocketry Project (planning and designing)

Recently we started doing our rocketry projects. When planning our rocket we had to make an inspiration board. It helped inspire us while planning what do with our rockets and some of the pictures told us to have patience and things like that. Here is what it ended up looking like.  We also had to make a prototype so we could measure accurately and visually see what we were doing. It also helped with making sure we were all talking about the same thing and we were all on the same pace. We were paired with groups to make it easier to work on the rocket together. But I found that it made lots of challenges in the process of designing it. My group and I have had lots of disagreements. One of the biggest disagreements we had was where to place the nose cone for the rocket. My friend, (Samantha) and I thought that the nose cone should go over the bottle because it is simple to place it on and in the past, for the other groups it has worked very well. Now, on the other hand, the others in my group, (Om) (Alex) thought that we should cut the bottom of the bottle and stick the nose cone there. They think it will cause less air resistance and it would be easier to put on. As you can tell we both have our differences.  Thankfully we agreed on doing it the way Samantha and I had in mind.

Another thing my group has to think about while designing the rocket is picking materials that are light. If the rocket is too heavy than it won’t go high enough because its weight is pulling it down.  We chose balsa-wood for our fins.  The thing about the balsa-wood is that it’s the perfect lightweight material but it is very delicate so we had to think about how we would handle them without them breaking. For our nosecone, we chose to 3-D print it. We chose to 3-D print it because it is light and a very strong material.

When we are planning our rocket we have to plan where everything is going and the measurements. We chose four fins so we had to figure out how many inches apart that was. we also had to measure what size we wanted the fins, same with the nosecone.

Another thing we got to do with our rockets is decorating them. For my rocket, we wanted to use science colors but also use one or two more “colorful” colors. We chose blue, green, purple yellow, and black. We used tape to make it colorful. For our nosecone, we are going to make it black and with a white marker make stars and planets. I am very excited to see how our rockets turn out and look’s after we are done building and decorating!


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