Rocketry project (preparing and building)

We have started to build our rockets. We are also are preparing for the launch and how to measure how high the rocket goes. Today (10/17/17) we started learning how to measure things in motion. We used a trendall wheel to tell us we were 15m away from the flagpost or soccer ball. First, we measured a flagpost I found this to be easy because it wasn’t moving and we had multiple tries. Next, we threw the ball in the up in the air. We had to try to measure the highest point that it went. I found this to be tricky because we had limited tries and it wasn’t so as accurate as the flagpole. I think when we have to measure the rocket it will be very hard because it goes very fast and we only get one try so our measurements might be totally off.

For our building, it was pretty easy since we already had our plans. The first thing we had to do was sand our bottles. We had to sand our bottle because if we left it smooth than the hot glue would peel off the bottle. After we finished sanding our bottle we had to cut a strip of paper that was the size of around the whole bottle. Then we had to fold the paper into four even sections. Next, we had to tape the strip around our bottle and extend the lines onto the bottle.

Then we decorated our fins, we had to make sure we left aside without tape so the glue wouldn’t slide off of it. That was a big problem for us because we weren’t thinking about that when we started. So we had to try to peel some of the tape and cut some of it off. Two of them worked two of them failed. We re-started the ones that failed and they ended up looking really good. Next, we decorated the top of the bottle with tape. We only decorated the top of our bottle because we didn’t want to cover up the sanded part. After that, we hot glued the wings onto the sanded sides of the bottle and made sure we did extra glue so it would for sure stay.

For the nose cone, my teacher (Ms. Boyer) contacted the high school and asked them if we could use their 3D printer. A big problem that happened was that we forgot to send our nose cone prototype to her. We solved this problem because Om has a 3D printer at his house, so we are every thankful for that. We are planning to just hot glue it onto the bottom of the bottle and we should be fine. Overall my group and I have a solid build. We still need to finish the nose cone, but other than that we should be good. I think that our build will be very good for the launch I think it is strong and it won’t fall apart too easy.

This is what our rocket looks like we decided to put red tape in between the wings because it was dull without it and now it pops a lot more. We put our team name (Science Minds) on our rocket so it was more customized and personalized.

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