A Wrinkle in Time by Ava DuVernay

A Wrinkle In Time is about how Meg, Calvin, and Charles look for the Meg and Charles dad. Mrs. Which, Mrs. WhatSit and Mrs.Who help along the way. They help Calvin, Meg, and Charles tesser (Which means transfer) to Camazotz. Camazotz was a very dangerous place so the three women gave Meg and the rest something to remember and use while they were there. Then, they left them. They went wandering around and got a clue that they needed to find out what IT was. Charles went first and got stuck and then he was taken over by IT who showed them where their father had been held hostage all those years. When Meg thought everything was better once they found their dad she was wrong because everything got worse. When they went to IT they found that it was a big brain that had a pulse and that everybody on the planet was under. They almost got stuck under it but luckily their dad tessered. WITHOUT CHARLES. Meg was paralyzed for a very long time when they tessered and she couldn’t talk or move. They tessered to an unknown planet with unknown creatures the beasts helped calm and unfreeze Meg’s body. They also fed her and her dad as well as Calvin. Meg needed to save Charles but she herself didn’t want to go back to Camazotz. Mrs. WhatSit and her gang new that Meg had to go back because she was the only person that would be able to get Charles back because she knew him best and loved him most.  Again Mrs. Who, Mrs.WhatSit, and Mrs.Which didn’t leave Meg empty-handed. Mrs.WhatSit most importantly gave Meg love. When Meg went to IT She found Charles sitting there practically waiting for her so she could be sucked into IT but she was smart and started thinking what IT didn’t have. She also thought about what Mrs. WhatSit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which said and remembered love. She knew that IT didn’t have love so instead of being angry at IT she has pure love for him. She got charles back and  Mrs. Which tessered everyone back home.

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