Constitution Project

This year in social studies we started something called The Constitution Project. Basically, we have to roll two dice. One dice determines what we are going to study about and what the main idea is and the second dice determines how we are going to express it. I rolled people and Social Media. Now that we had our main topic we had to narrow it down to one specific thing. Since I rolled people I had tons of cool historic people to choose from. I decided to study Alexander Hamilton. Now that I had my person and resource it was time to start. I wanted to make my project as realistic as possible, but I didn’t want to take more than five things from the web, so I decided to use google drawings.  The two social media I wanted to use was Instagram and Snapchat.  I used the real app to base my picture on. It turned out very realistic so I wanted to add a phone to it.  I had a really good base to work on but I had to find a way to incorporate the research. I was thinking and thinking and looking at the creation I had made and realized I could put facts in the bio for Instagram and facts in the caption for Snapchat. The next step for me is to put all of the information in and then I’m done.

Here is the finished product for snapchat




Here is the finished product for instagram


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