My Stop Motion Movie

Recently my class have been working on stop-motion movies and projects. We are practicing making stop motion movies for our immigration project that we are presenting with stop motion. We have to practice so when we do the real thing we are not confused. But first, we needed groups because this would be a challenge if we did it independently. My group was Lexi and Rebekah. Once we had our groups we got to pick our lego guys. We picked a Mohawk guy, a Star Wars guy, Chewbacca, a Biker guy and a girl.  Now that we had our legos we started our miny movie. Our first attempt at making a stop motion movie was a total fail. The board was on a slippery surface and the camera kept falling or moving. The movie ended up really choppy and bad. Our second attempt was a total success. This time for our movie we put the board on the rug so it didn’t move but then the camera was not staying up so I used tape to keep it secure.  Once we were all set up we were ready to film. The camera probably moved twice but it isn’t noticeable in the video. We also took more photos in one movement because it made the movie go a little bit slower.  An improvement we made the second time was when we moved the characters very little each time we took a picture so it was very smooth. I also liked the ending in the second one better because we did a little bow and walk off thing which was really cool. Overall I am super excited to do the immigration project with stop-motion because it makes something ok into something great. We also just started using imovie to make the video look a little bit more professional.

This is my most recent stop motion movie

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