Rube Goldberg Challenges #1

Now that we have started Rube Goldberg we have realized that there are many challenges and obstacles. The first challenge we had was finding a day that we were all free. We realized that Saturday would be our main day and Friday would be our backup day. A huge obstacle and challenge that we faced were procrastinating and that led us to be a bit behind.  So we started to build our Rube Goldberg. Two of the steps in our course was problematic. The first step in our course was a marble going down a tube and hitting another ball. This was hard because we couldn’t find a place to rest the tube on. Eventually, we found a tall chair but that was still too short so we put a mini bridge on top of the chair then placed the tube on top of the bridge. That gave us the perfect height
This is what the actual 1st step looks like.

Another step that was pretty challenging was our 3rd step. Our 3rd step is a ball hitting a train which goes down train tracks. This was really hard because we couldn’t get the ball to hit the train. We needed something to stick out of the train so that the ball could reach the train. We used a cut in have straw and a square of cardboard. we used the cardboard so that the ball could hit something smooth.
In this picture, you can see the ball and the piece of straw and cardboard.

My last obstacle was a little bit of conflict with my group.  Of course, we haven’t solved this one yet but we are so close to solving it. So those were the obstacles and challenges my group and I went through and we all learned that if we keep trying we will most likely achieve our goal. Take that into consideration when you have daily challenges. Even when you can’t get out of bed in the morning!

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