Rube Goldberg recap #3

Before we started anything we needed a group to work with. My group is Lexi and Rebekah. Right away, after we got our groups, we needed to start gathering ideas and goals. At first, we were stuck with what to do for our goal. We decided on putting an ink stamp on a piece of paper. We also needed days to meet up and work on the project together. We decided on Saturday and Friday. Now that we had a goal to work off of we needed steps in between to get to that goal. We realized to do those steps we needed some better supplies. So we took a trip to Target and the dollar tree and we got new supplies like dominos, marbles, bouncy balls. We also looked around our houses for toilet paper rolls, ramps and different things that would have potential in our course. So we had our supplies and a goal; it was time to get working. We start out with a tunnel. A marble goes through the tunnel which hits a bouncy ball (that was waiting at the end of the tunnel) and that ball goes down a car racer and 1/2 way down the car racer it hits a train which goes down a train track and then hits dominos. While that is happening the ball keeps going down the car racer and then when it reaches the end the ball goes through a tunnel and hits more dominos. That is what we have so far, and so far it is going really well. During or before this process we have to make a drawing. the drawing has to show all the steps thoroughly and clear.  This may seem easy but it isn’t. We have had multiple challenges. That is basically a recap of what we have been doing these past two weeks.

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