WeVideo (Rube Goldberg)

Of course, during Rube Goldberg, we have to document what we are doing. My class has to make, either an iMovie or a WeVideo. Our group chose to use WeVideo. Usually, only one person in the group can make the movie because it’s really hard to do it as a group. I am the one who chose to make the video. Making the video is hard because I have to save a lot of videos to drive from my phone and then I have to go on my laptop and import it into WeVideo. It takes a really, really long time. Plus after that, I have to edit the videos, add text and transitions. Also when I make the video I have to put in the problems we had, how we are feeling, what we are changing, titles, subtitles, and bloopers. I also have to make the music louder at times and quieter at times. I also try to make the clips the least choppy possible when I edit chunks out. Overall, this is what I have been doing for a week now. It may seem easier than you think but it is quite a challenge. I learned not to give up and to be patient.

It is about a week later and I finished the video. It was a little overdue because it took a really, really long time for us to get our actual project to work overall. I realized that making the video was a lot harder than I thought because it took forever to download the videos and than bring them to WeVideo. It was really hard and frustrating while editing the clips themselves because some parts I wanted to edit out were really small and then I ended up taking to much out and then I had to re-do it, and so on. Heres the video finished.


Hope you enjoyed!!!

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