Immigration Stop Motion 2018

Today we started our Immigration Stop Motion.  Stop Motion can be hard. It’s hard for my group and I because we have so many set props, there is not much room for the characters to walk around. It’s also super hard because we have no idea how long it will take to read a scene so we have to guess if we have the right amount of time when we film. Also, my group and I use paper characters so they flop around when we film and looks a little bit unnatural. When we film we don’t know what the characters should be doing when they are talking. We thought they would just make subtle moves, as well as moving their neck to face another character in the scene. Or moving their arm while talking. Mrs. Boyer, our teacher mentioned that today can be our learning day. For instance, if we did something today that didn’t work out, tomorrow we can avoid it or re-do it. Something I really enjoyed with Stop Motion is the props. My group and I found mini little props at Michael’s that were perfect for our set. We also found perfect backgrounds and floors at Michael’s. We also build a couple things like beds, tables etc. We also used a couple American Girl doll things that also workes out well. So overall, this is what I think of Stop Motion so far.


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