Choosing a Question for CAPSTONE #1

A few days ago, my class (and the whole grade) started something called, Capstone. Capstone is basically a topic that we have to research and have to love for about 2 months. You might be thinking, wow  some 5th grader researching only one thing for 2 months…. how is that going to play out. Well actually it’s a lot more complicated than you think. 

For my capstone I am going to be researching Marvel and DC. More specifically superheroes. When I first thought of Marvel and DC I really wanted to focus on film making and the process in how they make the movies but when my teacher saw my question she thought it was great but it would take years and years to answer. I took this into consideration and realized how hard it was to answer. Then she started to talk about how a lot of the superheroes in the movies and comics are mirrored off of popular history. I was immediately interested. She then told me to write down anything I needed and make a great question out of it. I made a question that I ended up being really happy with which is, “How do superheroes reflect popular culture and history“. One thing I really liked about this question was that I could talk about both the movies and the comics which I couldn’t do with my first question. My next step is to find sub questions and resources.

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