Changing My Topic – Capstone

Originally, I was set on doing Marvel and DC for my capstone. I had a great main question and I felt I was going to really like that topic. Then one day we were told to make sub-questions. At that moment,  I was excited to make sub-questions because I really wanted to grow on my topic. When I got home that night, the first thing I did for homework was to find sub-questions for capstone. I got out a pen and notebook and started to brainstorm questions. All of a sudden I felt like my sub-questions weren’t good ones to grow on. I thought to myself, that’s what helps for, right? The questions that I ended up with were good ones but they bored me. That’s when I finally realized, this topic is not for me, I have to change it. The next night I started to brainstorm all new topics that interested me. I wrote Social Media, Starbucks, and Fast Food. After that, I started to come up with possible main questions. When I got to school the next day, I told my teacher that I wanted to change my topic. I felt like researching fast food because I felt like I could really grow on that topic and be comfortable with it. My teacher told me that she was fine with me changing my topic and after that, I finally felt like a could “chill out”.

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