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Capstone Presentation

Finally, we have finished capstone. It was a long journey, but it taught me so so much. The first time I ever presented was  in front of my class. I was terrified and my legs were shaking while presenting. I didn’t know all of my script at the time so I had to keep looking down at it. The second time I presented was 10 times better. I did it in front of A 3rd grade class and it went very well. I pretty much new my script and I wasn’t nearly as nervous as before. This time was my last dress rehearsal. Finally, the night came to present to the parents. I surprisingly wasn’t  nervous at all. I think this was because I had enough experience with presenting and I had at least practiced my script 100 times. After finishing this project, I learned so much. Capstone taught me to manage my time. I also learned that speaking loud and clearly is VERY important because if you don’t, no one can you and therefore your not teaching anyone anything. This capstone could be life changing for me because now I might try to be a nutritionist when I’m older.

Interviews for Capstone

Recently, I finished my interviews for Capstone. I had one on Saturday and one on Wednesday. The first interview I had was with a nutritionist. She was actually my aunt. The 2nd was with the lead editor of the Food Revolution Network. Her name is Lindsay Oberst. The reason I interviewed two people was because I wanted to hear what different people said. They mostly said similar things. They talked about food addiction and how we don’t even know what we are eating for the most part. I learned that so many bad chemicals that we don’t even know are in the food affect our health tremendously. I am now very inspired and might want to be a nutritionist when I am older.

Finding my Main questions and Sub questions – Capstone

Since changing my topic I was thinking about what my main question would be. I thought that my best thing to research on fast food would be the health effects of it. My first question that I came up with was, What is it in fast food that makes so many people avoid it, and how does it effect peoples health? My teacher told me that not everybody avoids it and that I should change it to, What is it in fast food that makes so many people avoid and consume it, and how does that effect peoples health? I was very comfortable with this question and it also could expand my research. Next, it was time to find sub – questions. These weren’t to hard to make but the only problem I had was I only thought about one side of people. For instance, I wrote, What makes people choose healthy food over fast food? The problem with this question is that not everybody chooses healthy food over fast food so I had to change it to, What makes some people choose healthy food over fast food? Everything else was pretty easy and I didn’t get bored very easily.

Constitution Project

This year in social studies we started something called The Constitution Project. Basically, we have to roll two dice. One dice determines what we are going to study about and what the main idea is and the second dice determines how we are going to express it. I rolled people and Social Media. Now that we had our main topic we had to narrow it down to one specific thing. Since I rolled people I had tons of cool historic people to choose from. I decided to study Alexander Hamilton. Now that I had my person and resource it was time to start. I wanted to make my project as realistic as possible, but I didn’t want to take more than five things from the web, so I decided to use google drawings.  The two social media I wanted to use was Instagram and Snapchat.  I used the real app to base my picture on. It turned out very realistic so I wanted to add a phone to it.  I had a really good base to work on but I had to find a way to incorporate the research. I was thinking and thinking and looking at the creation I had made and realized I could put facts in the bio for Instagram and facts in the caption for Snapchat. The next step for me is to put all of the information in and then I’m done.

Here is the finished product for snapchat




Here is the finished product for instagram


My Colonial Book Reflection

I loved writing my Colonial America Book. It was fun researching about Colonial Women because now I know a lot more about them and how they lived. I also learned how to use the computer and how to make my book look good. It took a long a long time to finish these books. About 2 months we have been working. I will show you in the next paragraph the steps that we took.

Related image

In the beginning of the year we learned how all colonial people lived. Then we broke it down into subjects. Daily life, Government, Trades, Slavery. We all had to choose a subject and I chose Daily life. Then we started to research. When we starting learning about colonial times, we started off small and then we started to just, research, research, research, until we had enough facts to start writing. After we wrote we revised then we were ready to post.

Daily Life of Colonial Women

These past few weeks we have been working on our Colonial America Slide shows. This week I finished mine. It is about the “Daily Life Of Colonial Women.” Down below you can read my book! Enjoy!Now that you have read my book hope you know more about Colonial Women then you did before!