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Immigration Stop Motion 2018

Today we started our Immigration Stop Motion.  Stop Motion can be hard. It’s hard for my group and I because we have so many set props, there is not much room for the characters to walk around. It’s also super hard because we have no idea how long it will take to read a scene so we have to guess if we have the right amount of time when we film. Also, my group and I use paper characters so they flop around when we film and looks a little bit unnatural. When we film we don’t know what the characters should be doing when they are talking. We thought they would just make subtle moves, as well as moving their neck to face another character in the scene. Or moving their arm while talking. Mrs. Boyer, our teacher mentioned that today can be our learning day. For instance, if we did something today that didn’t work out, tomorrow we can avoid it or re-do it. Something I really enjoyed with Stop Motion is the props. My group and I found mini little props at Michael’s that were perfect for our set. We also found perfect backgrounds and floors at Michael’s. We also build a couple things like beds, tables etc. We also used a couple American Girl doll things that also workes out well. So overall, this is what I think of Stop Motion so far.


What I learned (Rube Goldberg)

I realized that Rube Goldberg has a lot to do with patience because for instance if somebody knocked something over accidentally I had to be patient with them and set it up again. I have to remind myself that these things are going to happen. Of course, I didn’t do this every time and still get very frustrated when things don’t work or fall over and break.  Communication is also a huge part of Rube Goldberg because you are most likely to get into some sort of argument. We try to talk it out. We try to let one person speak at a time so that we are not all screaming at each other and over each other trying to get each other to hear us. Of course, these things always happen and will, but knowing these things can help when stress and arguments start to occur.

WeVideo (Rube Goldberg)

Of course, during Rube Goldberg, we have to document what we are doing. My class has to make, either an iMovie or a WeVideo. Our group chose to use WeVideo. Usually, only one person in the group can make the movie because it’s really hard to do it as a group. I am the one who chose to make the video. Making the video is hard because I have to save a lot of videos to drive from my phone and then I have to go on my laptop and import it into WeVideo. It takes a really, really long time. Plus after that, I have to edit the videos, add text and transitions. Also when I make the video I have to put in the problems we had, how we are feeling, what we are changing, titles, subtitles, and bloopers. I also have to make the music louder at times and quieter at times. I also try to make the clips the least choppy possible when I edit chunks out. Overall, this is what I have been doing for a week now. It may seem easier than you think but it is quite a challenge. I learned not to give up and to be patient.

It is about a week later and I finished the video. It was a little overdue because it took a really, really long time for us to get our actual project to work overall. I realized that making the video was a lot harder than I thought because it took forever to download the videos and than bring them to WeVideo. It was really hard and frustrating while editing the clips themselves because some parts I wanted to edit out were really small and then I ended up taking to much out and then I had to re-do it, and so on. Heres the video finished.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Our takes (Rube Goldberg)

Once my group, Rebekah, Lexi and I were finally finished setting up the project we were ready to start filming our takes. We first, had to make a  mini schedule to keep things organized. Our first take was not that successful because the mini metal ball got stuck in the clear tube. This step is important because this is the first step and the first step is what starts the whole project. We think this happened because the clear tube was not levitated enough. This happened the first couple times. FAST FORWARD TO 10TH TRY,  the tenth try almost worked because the step where Thomas the Train goes down train tracks and hits the Jenga blocks almost worked!  What happened was when the rubber ball hit the train,  the train only went halfway down the train tracks.  We think what caused this to happen was when the tiny metal ball hit the rubber ball,  it didn’t give it enough force to hit hard enough for the train to hit the Jenga Blocks. FAST FORWARD TO TAKE 19, basically, what happened in Take 19 is the rubber ball hits the train, and then the train goes down the train tracks successfully and hits the Jenga Blocks. The bad thing that happened was when the Jenga Blocks got hit, they stopped falling halfway through.   FAST FORWARD TO TAKE 23. Take 23 was probably the most exciting, but yet most disappointing. The reason it was exciting was that the steps all worked and it went all the way through the process without any problems. The reason it was disappointing was that when the step with the orange falling down a ramp was supposed to hit the stamp, it missed it. Take 23 was the last and most successful take that we could do today. Overall, I learned that sometimes, best IS last. I think this because even though we didn’t get it to, work and we didn’t finish, it was a good ending of our day and the best take that we had so far.

Rube Goldberg recap #3

Before we started anything we needed a group to work with. My group is Lexi and Rebekah. Right away, after we got our groups, we needed to start gathering ideas and goals. At first, we were stuck with what to do for our goal. We decided on putting an ink stamp on a piece of paper. We also needed days to meet up and work on the project together. We decided on Saturday and Friday. Now that we had a goal to work off of we needed steps in between to get to that goal. We realized to do those steps we needed some better supplies. So we took a trip to Target and the dollar tree and we got new supplies like dominos, marbles, bouncy balls. We also looked around our houses for toilet paper rolls, ramps and different things that would have potential in our course. So we had our supplies and a goal; it was time to get working. We start out with a tunnel. A marble goes through the tunnel which hits a bouncy ball (that was waiting at the end of the tunnel) and that ball goes down a car racer and 1/2 way down the car racer it hits a train which goes down a train track and then hits dominos. While that is happening the ball keeps going down the car racer and then when it reaches the end the ball goes through a tunnel and hits more dominos. That is what we have so far, and so far it is going really well. During or before this process we have to make a drawing. the drawing has to show all the steps thoroughly and clear.  This may seem easy but it isn’t. We have had multiple challenges. That is basically a recap of what we have been doing these past two weeks.

Rube Goldberg drawing #2

For our Rube Goldberg, of course, we need some sort of plan. My class was asked to make drawings. This was quite a challenge for my group because we found that it was easier to actually be touching the objects and test out if they are going to work in our course before we permanently keep it.  We felt with the drawing that after we hand it in then we will have to stick to that plan and go with it. We felt a lot more comfortable testing the steps before we permanently added it to our course. It also takes less time because we won’t have to deal with changing things constantly. What we decided on doing is making the course first and then drawing it out. Obviously, we won’t be able to build the whole course before we have to hand in our drawings, but we thought ahead of that and got some new supplies and ideas that will most likely work. When we are drawing out those ideas we will be logical in our decision makings.

This is our drawing right now. As you can see, it is not yet done because my group and I haven’t had time to talk about what we are adding yet.

So that was my group and I’s drawing process.

Rube Goldberg Challenges #1

Now that we have started Rube Goldberg we have realized that there are many challenges and obstacles. The first challenge we had was finding a day that we were all free. We realized that Saturday would be our main day and Friday would be our backup day. A huge obstacle and challenge that we faced were procrastinating and that led us to be a bit behind.  So we started to build our Rube Goldberg. Two of the steps in our course was problematic. The first step in our course was a marble going down a tube and hitting another ball. This was hard because we couldn’t find a place to rest the tube on. Eventually, we found a tall chair but that was still too short so we put a mini bridge on top of the chair then placed the tube on top of the bridge. That gave us the perfect height
This is what the actual 1st step looks like.

Another step that was pretty challenging was our 3rd step. Our 3rd step is a ball hitting a train which goes down train tracks. This was really hard because we couldn’t get the ball to hit the train. We needed something to stick out of the train so that the ball could reach the train. We used a cut in have straw and a square of cardboard. we used the cardboard so that the ball could hit something smooth.
In this picture, you can see the ball and the piece of straw and cardboard.

My last obstacle was a little bit of conflict with my group.  Of course, we haven’t solved this one yet but we are so close to solving it. So those were the obstacles and challenges my group and I went through and we all learned that if we keep trying we will most likely achieve our goal. Take that into consideration when you have daily challenges. Even when you can’t get out of bed in the morning!


Its the jolly time of year and all the holidays are around to corner. (except for Hanukkah) I L-O-V-E, love this time of year. I get to cuddle by the fire with blankets and hot cocoa, watching Netflix.  Like, whats better than that. I’ll tell you… Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa but most of all family. I celebrate Christmas.  I love the holidays because I get to hang with my family. ALL. DAY. LONG. Might seem bad to some but for me its great.  Hold on. This is getting a little cheesy. Let’s talk about Christmas. On Christmas day I wake up at like 5:00 come downstairs and look at all the presents, wrapped beautifully, under the tree. I usually watch Youtube on my couch and end up falling asleep and waking up at 7:30 than wait till it turns 8:00 and when it does I wake up my parent’s, brother and sister. Of course, I have to wait for my parents to get ready and then we do some traditions. And then it’s time… opening presents!!! Its funny to see my sister, brother and I to be almost screaming because of the presents we got. After all of our presents are open we hug and thank our parents and brothers and sisters for all the presents. Of course our stockings have been looked through too. Side Note- We always have Christmas music going on while we open these presents. Oh, and on Christmas Eve we go to a relatives house to open presents. Also on Christmas eve we either go to bed early or we stay up and watch Christmas movies. pfft, like that’s ever happened. WINK WINK. Anyways that’s is usually how my holidays go. And yes we don’t travel because it’s kind of our family tradition to stay home because it feels more cozy. I don’t know we just like to.

My Stop Motion Movie

Recently my class have been working on stop-motion movies and projects. We are practicing making stop motion movies for our immigration project that we are presenting with stop motion. We have to practice so when we do the real thing we are not confused. But first, we needed groups because this would be a challenge if we did it independently. My group was Lexi and Rebekah. Once we had our groups we got to pick our lego guys. We picked a Mohawk guy, a Star Wars guy, Chewbacca, a Biker guy and a girl.  Now that we had our legos we started our miny movie. Our first attempt at making a stop motion movie was a total fail. The board was on a slippery surface and the camera kept falling or moving. The movie ended up really choppy and bad. Our second attempt was a total success. This time for our movie we put the board on the rug so it didn’t move but then the camera was not staying up so I used tape to keep it secure.  Once we were all set up we were ready to film. The camera probably moved twice but it isn’t noticeable in the video. We also took more photos in one movement because it made the movie go a little bit slower.  An improvement we made the second time was when we moved the characters very little each time we took a picture so it was very smooth. I also liked the ending in the second one better because we did a little bow and walk off thing which was really cool. Overall I am super excited to do the immigration project with stop-motion because it makes something ok into something great. We also just started using imovie to make the video look a little bit more professional.

This is my most recent stop motion movie

A Wrinkle in Time by Ava DuVernay

A Wrinkle In Time is about how Meg, Calvin, and Charles look for the Meg and Charles dad. Mrs. Which, Mrs. WhatSit and Mrs.Who help along the way. They help Calvin, Meg, and Charles tesser (Which means transfer) to Camazotz. Camazotz was a very dangerous place so the three women gave Meg and the rest something to remember and use while they were there. Then, they left them. They went wandering around and got a clue that they needed to find out what IT was. Charles went first and got stuck and then he was taken over by IT who showed them where their father had been held hostage all those years. When Meg thought everything was better once they found their dad she was wrong because everything got worse. When they went to IT they found that it was a big brain that had a pulse and that everybody on the planet was under. They almost got stuck under it but luckily their dad tessered. WITHOUT CHARLES. Meg was paralyzed for a very long time when they tessered and she couldn’t talk or move. They tessered to an unknown planet with unknown creatures the beasts helped calm and unfreeze Meg’s body. They also fed her and her dad as well as Calvin. Meg needed to save Charles but she herself didn’t want to go back to Camazotz. Mrs. WhatSit and her gang new that Meg had to go back because she was the only person that would be able to get Charles back because she knew him best and loved him most.  Again Mrs. Who, Mrs.WhatSit, and Mrs.Which didn’t leave Meg empty-handed. Mrs.WhatSit most importantly gave Meg love. When Meg went to IT She found Charles sitting there practically waiting for her so she could be sucked into IT but she was smart and started thinking what IT didn’t have. She also thought about what Mrs. WhatSit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which said and remembered love. She knew that IT didn’t have love so instead of being angry at IT she has pure love for him. She got charles back and  Mrs. Which tessered everyone back home.