Code stars

I really liked this video they I don’t have that much experience with coding, and this showed me that if i get the hang of it, i will possibly be good at it. This video was entertaining to watch and very informative. Over all i really liked it.

Flash light!!

In technology, we started making flashlights. Yesterday, i started drawing my outline on paper with the measurements. I would like to start making my flashlight on Thrursday or Friday. I am exited to start making my flash light and I think that it will be fun and interesting to decorate with all the supplies that we have to us!!

The movie

the movie that we watched yesterday was pretty interesting. We learned about how atoms work in cars and how there batteries also work. A part that I found very interesting was about the cars that are self driving and the part with the experiment because it was just really cool finding out the way that  part of your car works.



So today is class we worked on making circuits and it was really fun. The day before yesterday we learned how to make a basic circuit and the today we learned how to make a parallel circuit.


So before the switch was put on this is how it looked like: 

And after the switch was put on then it looked like this:

I found this this very interesting because there was so much to learn and understand about this and it was also really fun to make the real circuit and the one that I am showing right now.


Thanks bye!!!!


atoms as far as we know are really small things. They make up everything on earth. Atoms don’t always have circles, they cab be any shape , form or size. There are 118 types of atoms, that makes the periodic table.


Today we are learning about how batteries work. So the tippy top of the battery is called an anode and the bottom is called the cathode. If you connect a cooper wire from the anode to the cathode it send power threw it. How it’s happens is that there is a chemical called zinc and it wants to get to the coope( or another chemical) so it travels threw the cooper wire to the other side of the batterie. Sometimes the zinc travels through the wire so fast that the wire goes on fire, but on most wire there is protection so that will not happen.


Hi! I know its been a long time but I am here to talk about what’s called a breakout. So in Mr.Calvert’s class we did a breakout. A breakout is: there are clues hidden all around the classroom and you have to find them to open a lock. My team lost, but we still had really good time. There was a lot of logic and thinking going into it. One of our strategies was to have different people work on different kinds of problems that they are good and/or like.

read this if you just started 4th grade!!!

Welcome! If you just started 4th grade and you are reading this make sure you read the WHOLE thing! 4th grade if SO fun!!!!! You go on really fun field trips and you do lots of fun things. I will be telling you a little about what 4th grade is like.


The first thing that I will be talking about is field trips! They are so fun! You go kayaking and things like that. I like kayaking because it is fun and you get to go to the scarsdale pool!


One of the funniest projects that we did was the American Revolution books. It was so fun because we got to study in very different ways. It was definitely one of the funnest experiences in 4th grade.


If you want to know anything just comment on this blog post and I will answer. You should always believe in yourself!   


Food is very different in every country. Food tastes very different everywhere. There can be spices in foods and there can be plan foods.  Foods are good in every place you eat it. You can make your own food and buy food.


Their is this one food that I love, it is called glanki. Glanki is a type of Rusin food it is made with bread and egg. You take the bread and  then you dip into your egg. Then you put that on your stove to cook. I like this because it is like fried egg on bread.


The next kind of food that I like is called sushi. Sushi is a japanese  like sushi because it is a very creative kind of food. There is very different kinds of sushi the one that is my favorite is called yellowtail. I don’t know why I like it.


In conclusion all food is good. The kinds of foods that I just talked about are mostly my favorites. I like lots of kinds of foods but these are my favorite.   

Fortnite: Battle Royale Becomes The Undisputed King Of Games!

If you love videogames like me , you probably have heard of “Fortnite battle royal”. This “trend” started in 2018, and it already has 45 million users! How did it become such a trend in only 6 months? Well if you want to find out how read!

So, the original mode in Fortnite is called “ Save the world”. Save the world is when there are a bunch of zombies and they are attacking the world, it is your teams job to save the world. In battle royal you can play 50 vs 50, Squad, duos, and solo. Also there is a very cool mood called infinity gauntlet . You can build with material like, wood, stone and metal, building can help when you are talking poshine, or when you are reviving someone.

The guns are the best part. It my opinion the best gun is a yellow scar. I think scar stands for super cool assault rifle. The best gun for destroying bases is Minigun or a rocket launcher. A Minigun is a gun that shoots lots of ammo very fast. And rocket launcher is exactly what it sounds like;a rocket the shoots.  Some guns have scopes and some don’t. Some can hold more ammo than others. All guns are special in their own ways.


In the game there is a way to get emotes. Epic games money is called V bucks. With v bucks you can get emotes and skins. You can also get the battle pass. This allows you to get more cool thing and gadgets. The battle pass is so helpful but, there is more! There is something that is called the bonal. It gets you at the start to tier 25! Tiers are kind of like a level up but when you move up a tier you get a prize!


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