the holidays awesome

Do you celebrate a holiday?  Well I celebrate hanukkah and christmas. I go to florida for christmas. We decorate the tree and we make egg with meat( I hate it). We also make  russian foods. My whole family LOVES them. For hanukkah we make latkes and sour cream, they are the best. In my house we song songs and laugh for hanukkah. I love to have fun with my family I  will give a link to my sisters blog. result for happy holidays images

my ocean food chain

Hi, it’s Mia, I am back. I will be talking about food chains. I did a ocean chain. Other people did desert chains, tropical chains, forest chains and so much more I can’t even keep track!

I did an ocean food chain be because I like the ocean. I think that the ocean is a fun chain to do because there are so many animals that I can pick from. Do you know what an ecosystem is? Comment down below if you have any questions or comments.