the holidays awesome

Do you celebrate a holiday?  Well I celebrate hanukkah and christmas. I go to florida for christmas. We decorate the tree and we make egg with meat( I hate it). We also make  russian foods. My whole family LOVES them. For hanukkah we make latkes and sour cream, they are the best. In my house we song songs and laugh for hanukkah. I love to have fun with my family I  will give a link to my sisters blog. result for happy holidays images

One thought on “the holidays awesome

  1. Mia,
    I LOVE how you compared how you celebrate Christmas and how you celebrate Hanukkah. I like the picture you chose because it says “happy holidays” not being specific about witch one. I found it very interesting that you gave a link to your sisters blog. I’m not sure about the purpose, however I believe it was for a very good purpose. Keep on posting this interesting.
    – Lucy

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