My favorite band!

Have you ever wondered about why Panic At The Disco is my favorite band? Well if you did I will answer it. It is my favorite band because I like gothic music, I like how it is Rock mixed with Pop! If you look at my hello world (this is the link to it)  there is a link to it and you can go on to there website! I know it is cool. Here this is a list of my favorite songs by them

  • Emperor’s new clothes
  • The good, the bad and the dirty
  • Miss Jackson
  • Impossible year
  • Nicotine
  • This is gospel
  • House of memories
  • Casual affair

But I think emperor’s new clothes or impossible year.

If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment, Thanks, and bye!

Do you celebrate a holiday?

Do you celebrate a holiday?  Well, I celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. I go to Florida for Christmas. We decorate the tree, we make some ornaments and we make egg with meat I hate it). We also make russian foods. My whole family LOVES them. For Hanukkah we make latkes and sour cream, they are the best. In my house, we sing songs and laugh for Hanukkah. I love to have fun with my family I  will give a link to my sister’s blog.



Happy new year! I had an awesome new year, let me tell you about it. First my uncle came over to my house. Then we made a lot of snacks ( they were really good) we made crackers with cream cheese and smoked salmon and more little snakes! After my friend sophie came over, we went crazy! After her mom and dad had the snakes and left. Finally we said “ HAPPY NEW YEAR “! We ran around like we were mental! My brother madea playlist and we listened to it and it was insane. We had so much fun. You should tell me about your new year in the comments!