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Hi, this is Mia. I am going to talk about my weather project! We had lots of fun but we struggled a bit.  Also we learned how to become a better reader and researcher .First, my group and I studied floods! We learned how to my google slides. I think that doing droughts was more fun because we worked more harder on the droughts project because it was getting videoed. After we switched topics, we switched to droughts. We made slides and we worked very hard. I think that it was very fun to work with my friends and have fun! First we would go to 4B’s class do Mr.DeBerry. He talked about writing techniques and how to summarize text, I did not understand it at first but then it started working out. My class did a flipgrid to what we thought was the most important.  We learned how to organize to make it look better. For example boxes and bullets, compare and contrast, other ways to organize the . We also learned how to make sure that  the resources that we are using  is right with correct information. My subtopic was droughts causes/effects. Also we had a spark question. A spark question is a question that you get other questions from. My spark question was is it possible for  a flood to  happen after a drought. After all my research it can happen because all of the water that has evaporated can rain down. This is what i think about the project, if you have any questions or comments please leave a comment! BYE!! ( this is the slides for weather.)  


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