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Title: You Could Be Using “Black Panther’s” Cool Tech Sooner Than You Think.


Article date: March 20, 2018


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I will be telling you about the article “You Could Be Using Black Panther’s Cool Tech Sooner Than You Think.” It was a fun movie to watch and the music was made by Kendrick Lamar! I know some of you are like “ who is that”? Well he made the song called “bad blood” with Taylor Swift.


Marvel’s  Black Panther superhero movie was super interesting. Black Panther was the king for a secret and an amazing hidden place called Wakanda. Wakanda was a place of beliefs and a place of vibranium( a kind of metal). This movie was the 14th highest grossing movie ever. It made over $1.2 billion!  

It had so much amazing tech like  the gauntlets, the suit and the Magnetic Levitating Subway. I think that all of the tech including the tech that i did not include were super cool! I watched the movie and it was so dramatic and exciting to watch.

My favorite parts are the fight scenes and the car chase because they were long and looked so real! Here is a clip from Black Panther.



I think that Black Panther  is the best superhero movie I have ever seen.

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