Food is very different in every country. Food tastes very different everywhere. There can be spices in foods and there can be plan foods.  Foods are good in every place you eat it. You can make your own food and buy food.


Their is this one food that I love, it is called glanki. Glanki is a type of Rusin food it is made with bread and egg. You take the bread and  then you dip into your egg. Then you put that on your stove to cook. I like this because it is like fried egg on bread.


The next kind of food that I like is called sushi. Sushi is a japanese  like sushi because it is a very creative kind of food. There is very different kinds of sushi the one that is my favorite is called yellowtail. I don’t know why I like it.


In conclusion all food is good. The kinds of foods that I just talked about are mostly my favorites. I like lots of kinds of foods but these are my favorite.   

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