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Title: You Could Be Using “Black Panther’s” Cool Tech Sooner Than You Think.


Article date: March 20, 2018


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I will be telling you about the article “You Could Be Using Black Panther’s Cool Tech Sooner Than You Think.” It was a fun movie to watch and the music was made by Kendrick Lamar! I know some of you are like “ who is that”? Well he made the song called “bad blood” with Taylor Swift.


Marvel’s  Black Panther superhero movie was super interesting. Black Panther was the king for a secret and an amazing hidden place called Wakanda. Wakanda was a place of beliefs and a place of vibranium( a kind of metal). This movie was the 14th highest grossing movie ever. It made over $1.2 billion!  

It had so much amazing tech like  the gauntlets, the suit and the Magnetic Levitating Subway. I think that all of the tech including the tech that i did not include were super cool! I watched the movie and it was so dramatic and exciting to watch.

My favorite parts are the fight scenes and the car chase because they were long and looked so real! Here is a clip from Black Panther.



I think that Black Panther  is the best superhero movie I have ever seen.

Camp friends are AWESOME


Have you ever been to sleepaway camp? It can be awesome but it can be hard and stressful. The best part of camp is making good friends! My camp friends are always by my side making me feel better. They are by my side when people are bullying, when I get hurt, and most importantly, they are by my side when I am scared trying something new.     

One reason that camp friends are by my side is because if someone was being mean to me they would make me feel better. For example, once we were at the movies we were watching “Finding Dory” something happened that wasn’t good. Once the movie was over I saw the “bully of camp” ( me and my friends call her that). She tripped me and she sprained my ankle. My friends helped me all the time after that happened, that is why camp friends are important.

 The second reason is that my camp friends have the kind heart to do it. For another example, once the “bully of camp” said that freckles are for freaks and that I was stupid. My friend heard that so, one of my friends got me a cookie and flavored water (this is my favorite combo). Also she told the whole bunk that I was getting bullied so they planned a party for us! I know they are overreacting right?

I especially think that this reason is important, the reason is that they are by my side when I am scared trying something new. Once the first year that I went to camp I wanted to try acting. I was super scared to do acting because I thought that I did not have an amazing voice. Most of my friends tried to make me feel better and confident about myself.  So I auditioned for the lead role and they said that I had a legendary voice! I was so excited. It was happy and super excited to get the lead role. After that moment, I realized that friends can help with anything!

Camp friends are always by my side. They are the best friends you will ever have! You should remember that you don’t have your whole life with them so spend as much time as you can with them. Camp friends are one of the most important people in the world! THEY ARE AWESOME!  


current event

In the middle of January, while exploring Weg island Tonya Illman saw a “interesting” bottle. That glass container was a valuable bottle, it was ancient and amusing with its scroll from 131 years ago!


“I picked it [bottle] up thinking it might look nice on display in my home, and when I got back to the car, I handed it to my son’s girlfriend, Bree Del Borrello, to mind while I helped my husband get my son’s car out of the soft sand.” said Tonya Illman. She took the bottle and the scroll home, she put the scroll in the oven to let the wet and soggy scroll dry out. The doubt of finding something so old and so easy to find changed when he started reading the note. The note was in German. Thinking if they had found an amazing and ancient handmade object, they took the note to Ross Anderson, a person in charge of a museum. Anderson thinks that the note was not ripped of crumpled because the bottle was durable and hard.

The 131- year old note is in its new home in the Western Australia Museum. If you want to go see it then, go to Australia!                 

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Personal response: i chose this article because i love history, also because when i read this is was the most interesting article. I felt the this was an important article.

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Tweet: so interesting! I like this whole article! So awesome!

Weather Blog

Hi, this is Mia. I am going to talk about my weather project! We had lots of fun but we struggled a bit.  Also we learned how to become a better reader and researcher .First, my group and I studied floods! We learned how to my google slides. I think that doing droughts was more fun because we worked more harder on the droughts project because it was getting videoed. After we switched topics, we switched to droughts. We made slides and we worked very hard. I think that it was very fun to work with my friends and have fun! First we would go to 4B’s class do Mr.DeBerry. He talked about writing techniques and how to summarize text, I did not understand it at first but then it started working out. My class did a flipgrid to what we thought was the most important.  We learned how to organize to make it look better. For example boxes and bullets, compare and contrast, other ways to organize the . We also learned how to make sure that  the resources that we are using  is right with correct information. My subtopic was droughts causes/effects. Also we had a spark question. A spark question is a question that you get other questions from. My spark question was is it possible for  a flood to  happen after a drought. After all my research it can happen because all of the water that has evaporated can rain down. This is what i think about the project, if you have any questions or comments please leave a comment! BYE!! ( this is the slides for weather.)  


My favorite band!

Have you ever wondered about why Panic At The Disco is my favorite band? Well if you did I will answer it. It is my favorite band because I like gothic music, I like how it is Rock mixed with Pop! If you look at my hello world (this is the link to it)  there is a link to it and you can go on to there website! I know it is cool. Here this is a list of my favorite songs by them

  • Emperor’s new clothes
  • The good, the bad and the dirty
  • Miss Jackson
  • Impossible year
  • Nicotine
  • This is gospel
  • House of memories
  • Casual affair

But I think emperor’s new clothes or impossible year.

If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment, Thanks, and bye!

Do you celebrate a holiday?

Do you celebrate a holiday?  Well, I celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. I go to Florida for Christmas. We decorate the tree, we make some ornaments and we make egg with meat I hate it). We also make russian foods. My whole family LOVES them. For Hanukkah we make latkes and sour cream, they are the best. In my house, we sing songs and laugh for Hanukkah. I love to have fun with my family I  will give a link to my sister’s blog.



Happy new year! I had an awesome new year, let me tell you about it. First my uncle came over to my house. Then we made a lot of snacks ( they were really good) we made crackers with cream cheese and smoked salmon and more little snakes! After my friend sophie came over, we went crazy! After her mom and dad had the snakes and left. Finally we said “ HAPPY NEW YEAR “! We ran around like we were mental! My brother madea playlist and we listened to it and it was insane. We had so much fun. You should tell me about your new year in the comments!   


the holidays awesome

Do you celebrate a holiday?  Well I celebrate hanukkah and christmas. I go to florida for christmas. We decorate the tree and we make egg with meat( I hate it). We also make  russian foods. My whole family LOVES them. For hanukkah we make latkes and sour cream, they are the best. In my house we song songs and laugh for hanukkah. I love to have fun with my family I  will give a link to my sisters blog. result for happy holidays images

my ocean food chain

Hi, it’s Mia, I am back. I will be talking about food chains. I did a ocean chain. Other people did desert chains, tropical chains, forest chains and so much more I can’t even keep track!

I did an ocean food chain be because I like the ocean. I think that the ocean is a fun chain to do because there are so many animals that I can pick from. Do you know what an ecosystem is? Comment down below if you have any questions or comments.

Valentina Tereshkova

The important thing about Valentina Tereshkova

The important thing about Valentina Tereshkova is that she was the first women to go to space! Yes, I know what you are saying in your head, “I thought that someone else was the first women to go to space”. No she was the first to go! Did you know that she traveled the earth 45-48 times. She did not keep track but she thinks that she did go that long.  She liked parachute jumping at the early age.  But the important thing is that Valentina Tereshkova is the she is the first woman to go to space



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