Heathcote Math Day

On Oct. 12 we had heathcote math day! We started of with a rafle. We had to guess how many yo yos were in the jar. I guessed 64 but as a class we guessed 79. When they annoced it it was 60. I probably would have won if we didn’t do it as a class.

Next we did an Ice Cream truck. We had to choose 10 different flavers. We had to find out all the different combinations. We could only have two flavers on each cone. We arrganized it because we did one flaver on the bottom and put the other flavers on top.  Slowly we eliminated them.

Next we wen’t to our buddies classroom. We had to create a game. We used blocks and number cards for our game. They had a tube so you can put them inside. The way how to play was you had to have all of your blocks in the tube. Then somebody flips a card. You have to make the answer of 10 – the number. You had to take out the right amount of tubes to win. The first person to ten wins wins.

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