Launch #1

Today we did our first launch. We had to get ready quickly and make sure our rocket was ready to launch. The first group (Blasting Rockets) went first. Their design was different from everybody elses. They used two rockets and duck taped them together. Also all the other groups used 3D printed nose cones they used plastic. I was the most excited for theirs because it was so much different. When they got ready to launch we all started the countdown. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and then they pulled the rope. Their rocket went around twenty meters high which is not that bad.

My group (Rocketeers) was next. Our design was to have three wings so it stays straight and a 3D printed nose cone. Harry and I started to set up the launch pad. I was nervous about putting the rocket on because I didn’t want to spill water. I managed to do it quick enough so that i didn’t spill that much water. We put in a little extra because we knew some would come out. After I held onto the metal bars while Harry twisted the bar that kept them in place. After Leila pumped in the air using the bicycle pump. It took a while for her to do it because at the end it gets harder. When she completed it we all went out of the danger zone except Audrey. She is the one pulling the rope which makes the rocket launch. We counted down from ten to one and she pulled it. It definitely went higher then Blasting Rockets. After we saw that it went 50 meters high!! We were all really excited when we saw it in the air. When it finally landed I ran over to it to see if it broke. It was it perfect shape besides a little dirt on the nose cone. We were really happy, excited and proud.

The next group to go was LASA. They had a rocket similar to ours except their nose cone was bigger. They also had much bigger wings than ours. When they started to get ready we were all excited to watch it go high. It didn’t go that high but it went pretty high still. It ended up being around 30 to 35 meters at its highest. That was the second lowest rocket launch.

The next group going was Science Minds. They had a pretty good rocket to. I had the clinometer job for them. I was going to see how high in went in angles. Me and Leila on angle one got 44 and 43 and at angle two they got 46 and 48. So when we added them up they got 51m

Then the last group was J.E.X.L. They had pretty much the same design as us. Once again I had the clinometer job but this time with asher. This time I got 43 and Asher got 44. On the other side they got 70 and 53. Because 70 is so far away from the others it was a outlast. 53 was also far from 44 and 43 put they needed one from angle two so we used 53.

In the end J.E.X.L got the highest of 57.5 and next Science Minds got 51m high. Then next my group got 50m high. We were so close to getting the same height as Science Minds! Next LASA got a score of 30 to 35m high. Lastly Blasting rockets got around 20 to 25 meters. So overall J.E.X.L got the highest with 57.5 meters. The lowest rocket went 20 to 25 meters high. The difference between the two is 35 meters.

What I think our group could’ve done better was to make our nose cone pointier so it would be more aerodynamic. Besides that I think we did really well. What can we do next time so it goes higher? Will ours go higher or will it fail? 

3 thoughts on “Launch #1

  1. I like how you explained how you felt about the first rocket being launched. I also like that you explained how and why it was different from the other rockets!

  2. Nice blog Marcello, I like how you talked about the designs and your feelings about it. Great Blog! Marcello

  3. Marsh, it was really good, but I don’t get why you say “added” instead of average. Your description of the launch was really accurate. Thanks for mentioning my group!! ????

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