Rube Godldburg 2 First Design

Erik and I started our first design. It took us a while to think everything through but then we got it.

It started with one of us scoring a goal in the football table then the ball goes down a cardboard ramp. Then the ball hits some dominos which hit a car with a dish washing glove on it. The glove has a wooden stick in it and turns on a fan. The fan has a spoon in it and it spins. Then the spoon hits a ball which hits another car. The car goes down the stairs and hits a bottle of baking soda. The baking soda goes into vinegar. The froth comes out and hits dominos. The dominos split into two paths. One path turns on a machine that will make the ball turn on the light, the other path hits a ball into the machine. The machine carries the ball to the light switch and turns it on.

Thats what we are thinking of doing so far. I hope it works!

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