Rube Goldberg Tries


We started to try our Rube Goldberg on 1/28/18. We didn’t have to many tries that day and they didn’t work to well. The ball rolled down the ramp and hit the bowling pins but they wouldn’t all fall down correctly. Then Erik had a violin lesson so he had to leave and come back the next day.


Erik came over after school and we were kind of nervous because the Rube Goldberg was due the 31! None of us had a phone so we had to wait for my mom to get home. We went upstairs and tried 35 times. Still the bowling pins never fell and we were trying to think of a way to make them fall correctly with out making walls on the side. We couldn’t think of something before Erik left so we had nothing. I was getting annoyed at the bowling pins because they wouldn’t fall. Just to make matters worse my dad was sick so he couldn’t help us.


Today we had to get it done we tried so many times and even made improvements but the bowling pins still wouldn’t fall straight so we were wondering how we could fix it. We stated to think about fixing that last and make sure everything else worked. Everything seemed to be fine except the small chance the ball would jump over the marble but what are the odds. We started trying and trying but it never worked then Erik had to leave, but then we decided he would come back after.

Then my dad came home and helped with the bowling pins and everything else. For the pins we decided to make the ramp go all the way to the floor and thats what changed everything. Me and my dad started to tape and fix some problems. We had done a lot and were ready for when Erik came back.

When Erik came back we were ready to try it. It still failed a couple of times because of the dominos but then we got the dominos to work. It started to get closer every time but still didn’t work. We were VERY annoyed because it was 10:00. Then our parents said last try and thats when it started. The bowling pins hit the dominos and then they hit the ball which hit the marble with hit the golf ball the hit the baking soda! It took so long but finally worked. We were so happy! It took us 62 tries but finally worked. We were so tired but successful.

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  1. You should be proud of your problem solving skills and ability to persevere! The end result was really good!!

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