SCIENCE!!!!! Water Filters

We are learning how to design and create water filters in class. It started when we were reading a book called Saving Salilas Turtle. It is about a girl who finds a turtle in the Ganges River and realizes how dirty the Ganges River is. She thinks about finding ways to make the Ganges more clean. That’s how our water filter unit started.


After a while we read a book called A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park. The story is about two people named Salva and Nya. They both have different stories and switch off. Salvas story is he lives in a village and herds cattle in Sudan but there is a war which makes him walk to a refugee camp. Nyas story is more about getting water and filters because everyday for  7 months she goes to fetch water but at the end of the book Salva goes to her village


The first part of our project started with plastic bottle with contaminated water. First we put a screen in our plastic container and then poured the contaminated water. It didn’t get rid of much of the color or dirt so it wasn’t that good. After we used paper filters Yesterday we started to design our water filters. We were thinking about using a pasta filter at the top and a screen in the middle. Our screen had big holes so we decided to put 2 screens to make them smaller. To finish it off… sand and gravel. We thought it would work good because the sand and gravel worked really well on its own. We thought the pasta filter would get most of the dirt out. Then the screen and sand and gravel would get the color and smaller contaminants. It didn’t quite go to plan though. To start we didn’t have a pasta filter. It took us a while to think of an idea to replace the pasta filter. I was thinking of using a tissue because it has small holes. But we realized that it was not reusable. So i thought of using a wipe because it has small holes and it more durable and reusable. Then the sand and gravel did not really get rid of the color. The wipe did better than expected because it trapped a lot of dirt. I think that it was better than the pasta filter just because it did so much work. Then the screen did pretty good and the sand and gravel did good. It was overall pretty good. The color did not come out though as much as we wanted. But the wipe got rid of every piece of dirt and tea. We were thinking on what we could do to get more color out. I had to go to my cello lesson so i didn’t see what we did. They were thinking about using cotton balls and paper filters. We decided to go with the cotton balls. The only problem was that we had run out of time and it was time to clean up. That sucked because we thought we were on to something.

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  1. Your group’s filter was impressive. The idea of double filtration seemed to improve the quality of the water samples of each group – very good thinking!!

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