Technology #8

During this last week in technology we started to create switches. Finally, we are starting to make stuff! Before we started to build we had to brainstorm ideas. I thought that I could have made a switch where i have the wires connecting to two different pieces of cardboard and when you move them they connect and make a complete circuit. Then I had to make my idea a reality. I first started by getting the tools I would need, cardboard, scissors, ruler, tinfoil and safety goggles. Then I cut out pieces of the cardboard and went to the hot glue station. I glued on the tinfoil and when I did my first switch was done. I decided that my next switch would have a piece of cardboard on top of another and when I pressed down It would connect. I built that one and I was down to only one more switch. I had an idea of what I was going to do but for this I had no clue. I started to look around the room for ideas when I saw Eric’s switch. ( It was a folded piece of cardboard with tinfoil on the inside but when you put the ends together they would connect. I thought this was really cool and decided to use it. I finished that switch and I was finally done. (thx Eric)

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