Social Studies Coronavirus article #1

Scientists are confident that they will create a cure and vaccine for the coronavirus because so many people are working on it. The company “Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI)” gave 3 companies 12.5 million dollars in total to work on a vaccine. All the scientists are working really hard to try and find a cure but unfortunately it is spreading incredibly fast and is infecting people all over the world. Paul Young, head of the university’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, says that “A vaccine will be ready in as little as 6 months”. That sounds like great news but by then the virus will have spread all throughout the world and millions may already be infected.

All of the scientists have confidence that they will make a vaccine soon, but to much confidence won’t be a great thing for many reasons.They could potentially get lazy and careless with their work that they are doing and not take it to seriously. They also might just say they are going to have a vaccine nut and instead of making one they get off topic and carried away. I do believe these scientists can get a vaccine done soon if they keep working hard. These are potential causes that will most likely not happen. I trust these scientists so that one day they can come up with a cure.

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