Technology 7 #1

In this post I’m going to be talking to you about what building is and my experiences with building. Last year in Technology class we built a flashlight. It was weird at first because it was a bunch of different pieces that were completely different yet when they were put together they made a flashlight. Building is taking multiple things and putting them together to create something new. It could be as simple as making a flashlight or as complex as making a computer but they are both building. Building can be extremely fun or really infuriating. When your building you might make a mistake which could ruin your build or finally complete your build which will feel amazing. When I screwed up making my flashlight it started to get really annoying but when I finished the flashlight it felt so good and that it wasn’t for nothing. Building isn’t something you can do overnight. You need patience, time and dedication to complete your build. You will probably need to do it with someone which could make it even more fun. Building is a really fun activity to do in your free time and can give you something to do during these tough and boring times. Thanks for reading! Bye!

One thought on “Technology 7 #1

  1. So one thing you allude to in your discussion of building is delayed gratification, or the patience it takes to build something that requires many days or steps to accomplish.

    Building is often a multi-step, multi-phase activity. You have to be willing to wait to see the end result!

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